The Miracle of “Smart Salaam”


The Miracle of “Smart Salaam”

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)


“Those You Know and Those You Don’t”:
What Magic Words!

Ask yourself how many big, fat books, with long and complicated footnotes, do you need to read before realizing that – perhaps – there is no one else in this world running around wildly and uncontrollably blessing everyone and everything in sight?

Except the Muslims that is?

That is right: blessing everyone and everything everywhere.

Who but the Muslims? Who is doing that other than the Muslims – wherever they are, and such as they are?

I mean running around saying “Assalamu Alaikum!” to one and all

Exactly as God Almighty’s beloved Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, told and taught them to do.

In case you would like to know, his exact words were: ‘Alaa man ‘arafta, wa ‘alaa mal-lam ta’arif.

Paraphrase: Give Salaam “to those you know. And those you do not know.”

That is what the Muslims were told to do. That is what the Muslims were trained and schooled to do. That is what the Muslims were apprenticed to do. By the noble prophet of God – may God Almighty bless him!

And may he also bless all his other prophets and messengers such as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Solomon and David.

And that is exactly and precisely what the Muslims actually do to this very day – all over the world: they run around blessing the whole world.

Don’t forget those earth-shaking and immortal words: ‘Alaa man ‘arafta, wa ‘alaa mal-lam ta’arif.

Go forth and rain down the blessings of Salaam “on all those you know.” And “on everyone else that you do not know.”

Nearly One-Fourth of Humanity


What a sweeping, powerful and practical social, moral, political, economic, spiritual and psychological tool it is, this Salaam that Muslims have in their possession, that in one neat little stroke it nullifies all the little gods and demons of color, caste, race, religion, class and country!

Do you know anyone else who does that in this world? Tell me who else is doing that?

Oh, don’t tell me “Muslims only say Salaam to other Muslims.” What is wrong with that, even if that is entirely true, which it is not?

That still covers nearly one-fourth or one-fifth of the entire human race, does it not? And it covers most of Planet Earth I guess, because Muslims are spread all over the globe, wouldn’t you think?

So, bring it on, ladies and gentlemen, bring it on! What do we got that is better or superior to this God-given formula for peace, tranquility, fairness, justice, equality, joy, health, wealth and blessings?

Who Else Is Doing That?

So, who else, folks? Answer me! Who else is doing that?

I mean covering one-fourth or one-fifth of humanity – around the clock and around the globe with Saturation Blessing?

Every micro-, milli- and nano-second: Twenty-Four Seven?


As if they were possessed!

In fact, it is one unbroken and seamless continuity of saturation bombing – oops, blessing is what I wanted to say, Saturation Blessing – of the universe. Not with explosives and incendiaries that kill, maim, burn, and poison God’s good earth, with all its inhabitants and occupants, from humans to animal to plants, but filling the world with God’s blessings that heal, soothe, nourish, build and give life.

What an expression that: Saturation Bombing! I guess that is who we human beings are. And that is how we like to do things. We like to saturation bomb whatever we can, whenever and however we can do it.

Who Is Blessing Your Kids?

But, at the other side of the spectrum, that is also what the Muslims do: They Saturation Bless the whole universe – non-stop, twenty-four seven.

I can understand a couple of eyebrows shooting up as people read this statement. But I am telling you: That is what the Muslims are supposed to do. That is what they are trained to do. That is what they are programmed to do. That is what they are spiritually hardwired to do.

And what you don’t know about Muslims – and what many Muslims don’t know about themselves – is that that is exactly and precisely what Muslims actually do.

They are busy blessing you, your kids and your family; your workplaces, your farms and your factories; your streets, your playgrounds and your neighborhoods; your countries, your communities and your societies; your land, your water and your seas; your air, your forests and everything else associated with you, even as you go about your normal life walking, talking, eating, drinking, working, having fun, making merry, resting or sleeping.

That is right. That is who the Muslims are. And that is what they do.

That is their job. Their raison d’etre on this earth.

Yes, Muslims, that is what you do. And that is who you are. That is why God Almighty placed you on his earth: to bless his creation.

Who Is Counting the Spillover Salaam
and the “Collateral Blessing”?

And I don’t think anyone is counting all that spillover Salaam when Muslims so generously invoke their blessings on a specific target by saying: “May the peace and blessings of God Almighty rain down on you!”

Can you tell me what you estimate to be the average radius of a common, run-of-the-mill Smart Salaam?

I mean what target area does your average Salaam cover? How many square inches, feet, yards, acres, hectares, kilometers or miles does it blanket and saturate?

And what about all the Collateral Blessing to the unintended “victims” of your Salaam and Blessing Blitz with which you continue to fill the world day and night?

Saturation Blessing vs. Saturation Bombing

Yes, it is fair to say that that is what the Muslims do. They fill God’s earth with Saturation Blessing, while some others may fill it with Saturation Bombing.

The Collateral Blessing that comes from the Saturation Blessing that Muslims unleash on earth is life, liberty, health, joy, peace and happiness, whereas the Collateral Damage resulting from the Saturation Bombing invoked by some others may include death, destruction, disease and unspeakable human misery.

Of course, the Muslims don’t often know or understand that that is what they are doing. Nor do too many non-Muslims.

And with good reason.

How would they know if nobody told them?

Muslims don’t know because they gave up the culture of knowledge, education, science, rational thought and diligent inquiry a long time ago?

And, of course, the non-Muslims don’t know in part because the Muslims forgot to tell them what it is that they really do. Who they really are.

Instead, the Muslims have been running around for some time now trying to tell anyone who would listen to them that “Islam is a peaceful religion!

Whatever on earth that is supposed to mean.

And whatever the consequences and penalties that may come from God Almighty for mouthing a euphemism and a half-truth that its users know to be misleading, ill-thought-out and meaningless.

Certainly Not a Religion

What most Muslims don’t know, and consequently what the world does not know, is that Islam is not what the world calls a “religion.” At least not in the ordinary and usual sense of that expression.

First of all, Islam is not a man-made system – with or without inspiration from above. It is all direct revelation.

And it is all fully documented history, if you want to call it that. Except that Islam is more fully, rigorously and carefully sifted, verified, investigated and authenticated set of facts and data from the past than any history of any kind about any individual, place, time or culture.

This is not pious declaration of faith or speculation but a hard fact, rooted in cold reality. In the sense that Islam all goes back to the Qur’an and to the Hadith and to the Sunnat of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

That means everything about Islam is what came out of his mouth in the form of the Qur’an; it is what he said by way of his teachings – Hadith; and it is what he practiced in his daily life – Sunnah.

These are all extremely precise objective realities, carefully defined and established, and these are not the loose professions or assertions of a believer’s faith, piety or devotion.

Islam vs. “Religion“: Some More Distinctions

Second, Islam is for all times of day and night – twenty-four-seven, as people call it. Whereas “religion” is mostly for a few minutes or hours on a Sunday or some other selected day of the week.

Third, Islam is for all places on earth, space and everywhere else. Whereas “religion” is mostly to be done in certain specially designated and sanctified places and sanctums.

Fourth, Islam is for the individual as well as for groups and the entire society, and for the human race as a whole, to connect with God Almighty directly, as best as they can and as per the teachings of the Qur’an and the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. Whereas “religion” generally requires a “holy man” of some kind, such as a priest or a pundit, to do it.

Fifth, and to make the earlier point more clear, Islam is directly done by the individual – by all people, men as well women, old as well as young. Whereas “religion” is done by “Holy Men” for and in behalf of the individual and the people.

Sixth, Islam is for all of human life. That means it covers every single aspect of human existence on earth, from the most trivial to the most important and profound, and from the most private and intimate to the most public. Whereas “religion” is generally limited to certain specific aspects of human life.

Seventh, Islam is open and available to every individual human being to learn and to practice. In fact, Islam makes it the duty of all to learn Islam. That is why the very first commandment of Islam is to seek knowledge: to read. Whereas in “religion, it is the privilege and prerogative of certain designated “holy men” to learn it and to practice it for and on behalf of the regular and ordinary people – “lay people,” as they are called.

So, the list of distinctions and differences between Islam and “religion” goes on and on forever.

How Peaceful Is Peaceful?

And then there is the question of characterizing Islam as “peaceful” and doing so under duress. That is, when you are being pursued and hounded by people who brand you as totally irrational and uncontrollably violent.

So, you have a knee-jerk reaction, purely defensive and purely self-protective and blurt out that you are a “peaceful religion.”

And you are absolutely and one hundred percent right in saying that. For, Islam is all about peace and truth and justice and kindness and compassion.

But that is not what your accusers and tormenters are saying. They are pointing to all the violence that is going on in different parts of the Muslim world, violence in which Muslims are involved in one way or another, and saying that it is all Islam’s fault.

But what some of these people conveniently forget is that there are all kinds of background factors and conditions that lead to violence in individuals, groups, nations and societies.

They forget that peace is one state of human life and reality. Another is strife and conflict. A third reality of human life is force.

Peace is the ideal state to which we all aspire and toward which we all work. Strife is the sad and gloomy reality in which human life is all too often mired.

Legitimate, lawful and societally sanctioned force is the instrument that human beings have devised for minimizing and controlling strife and for maximizing peace.

The foundation of true and lasting peace on earth and in any society is justice, love, safety, security, compassion, integrity, truth, reasonableness and sound morality.

Where this foundation is absent or weak, and where people’s most basic needs and legitimate rights and aspirations are not met, and are persistently and blatantly denied, chances of stable and lasting peace are minimized or jeopardized.

All too often, then, those who have been systematically denied their basic and legitimate rights, and who are not allowed by nations, societies and governments any rightful recourse to the redress of their lawful grievances, begin to resort to force and violence as an instrument of resistance to their domination, subjugation and exploitation by others and for the amelioration of their situation.

There are all kinds of university books, full of all kinds of theories, that explain why and how people develop violent tendencies and behavior.

For example, extreme poverty, deprivation, hopelessness, oppression, marginalization, cruelty and systematic discrimination, exclusion and abuse may potentially move people toward violence. So also may serious perceptions of injustice, usurpation of property, abuse of power, violation of basic rights and deeply held values such as honor, personal dignity and the life, honor and dignity of family members.

Colonization, mass enslavement, social and political tyranny, occupation of lands, exploitation and stealing of resources will all make nations and societies rise up in revolt.

This has been the history of the world. And everyone knows that.

Right to Self-Defense Guaranteed
by Civilized World

That is why the constitutions of practically every civilized country in the world, as well as the United Nations Charter Article 51, guarantee people individually and collectively the inherent right to self-defense and the defense of their family and property. 

What Islam does is it takes this universal and fundamental human right of individuals, families, societies and nations to self-defense and canonizes it – to use a Christian religious expression. That means Islam makes that right a sacred and not just a mundane or secular one.

So, self-defense in Islam is not just a legal right but also a natural and sacred one, blessed by God.

So, some of those who assert that “Islam is a peaceful religion” seem to want to cover up this fact.

They have been thoroughly intimidated and demoralized by the relentless and ruthless propaganda that brands Islam and Muslims as inherently violent and incorrigibly irrational.

So, is Islam “peaceful” then? Of course, it is. In fact, Islam is peace, period, no matter how you look at it.

But Islam is also about truth – quite possibly much more than any other system in the world.

And Islam also is strongly about human rights.

And Islam is also against all forms of injustice, inequity, cruelty, oppression, exploitation, domination, tyranny and abuse.

But does Islam permit self-defense? Of course, it does. How can it not?

Which constitution of the world, and the law of which civilized country, does not permit self-defense?

Islam is thus as perfect a synthesis of Jesus’ model of personal compassion on the one hand and of Moses’ model of social justice and supremacy of the law on the other hand.

Anyone whose heart is not filled with lust and greed, and whose soul is not scarred by hate and prejudice, can see that Islam thus is really the entire old Bible in a brand new bottle.

Turning the Other Cheek

Is Islam about “turning the other cheek“?

No more than Christianity is. And no more than the 1000-year practices, policies, legal frameworks, criminal codes, and politics of the Christian nations and societies are.

No more than any other system of law, morality or government in the world is.

No more than international law is. And no more than the UN Charter is.

But Islam does offer you the higher option of turning the other cheek, and forgiving those who sin against you, should you choose to exercise that option.

But Islam does not mandate it. How can it?

How can any sane or sensible system of thought or laws or government in the world mandate that every thief, murderer, rapist, arsonist, bank-robber, child-molester and traitor be ab initio forgiven and coddled as a long-lost brother or sister?

With all this, are there some Muslims in this world who go overboard, lose control of their emotions and better judgment, and resort to violence? Of course there are.

Are there others who are not Muslim who do that sort of thing? Of course there are.

Is that acceptable behavior on the part of anyone of them – Muslim or non-Muslim? No, it is not.

Does Islam condone or sanction behavior like that? No, it does not.

Should we criticize and condemn senseless and irrational violence when it is perpetrated by Muslims? Of course we should.

In the same way as we and all Muslims and non-Muslims should also criticize and condemn senseless and irrational violence when it is perpetrated by non-Muslims.

Does Islam condone or sanction violence against civilians, women, children, the aged, the infirm and the priests, pundits and the clergy? Of course it does not.

Does international law condone or sanction such behavior? Do any of the other religions and legal systems of the world? Of course none of them do.

Does Islam condone or sanction torture? Of course it does not.

Does international law condone or sanction torture? Of course it does not.

Do any of the other religions and legal systems of the world sanction or condone torture? Of course they do not.

In the end, is Islam then a “peaceful religion“?

First of all, Islam is not a “religion.” Islam is a comprehensive divine system of life that was devised by God to guide, illumine and direct human life and activity in every thing and that was practiced and modeled in his life and society by Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, in its entirety.

Second, Islam is totally, absolutely, uncompromisingly and completely all about peace – and about truth – and about justice – and about human rights for all human beings, regardless of their color, race, religion, gender, social class or nationality.

Third, at the same time, Islam is behind no other system of laws and government in the world, including the Charter of the United Nations, in protecting and guaranteeing the inherent right of individuals, societies and nations to self-defense. And to justice. And to equality and fair and equitable treatment. And to self-determination and freedom from tyranny.

Why should it be?

As for Aggression,
It Is an Absolute No, No in Islam

But what about using force as a means of committing aggression? That in Islam is an absolute no, no.

I have not come across, nor am I aware of, anything as clear or forceful – I don’t mean the pun in that expression – in any culture, language, constitution or religion, against using force as a means of aggression, as in Islam.

“Allah does not like those who commit aggression or use excessive force,” says the Qur’an.

Innallaha laa yuhibbul mu’tadeen

The Qur’an asks people to “cooperate with one another in every kind of good thing. But when it comes to committing an act of aggression and excess,” the Qur’an clearly says, “no, don’t cooperate with anyone on that basis and for that purpose” (5:2).

Wa laa ta’aawanoo alal ithmi wal ‘udwaan. 

Even as the Qur’an allows the right of self-defense and retaliation, it clearly warns against aggression and excess, even in that context and even against that background.

The Qur’an says:

“If you were to retaliate or visit retribution on someone for any wrong done to you, then do so in strict proportion to what was done to you. But if you were to show restraint and patience then it may be even better (16:126).”

Wa in aaqabtum fa-aaqiboo bi-mithil maa ooqibtum bihi.

Wa la-in sabartum, fahuwa khairul lis-saabireen.

Here is another one in a similar context:

“When you are faced with aggression against you, then resist that aggression with similar force, but fear God Almighty, and clearly understand that God is with those who fear him (2:194).”

And yet another one:

“Let not your anger and displeasure at those who kept you away by force from the protected mosque cause you to commit aggression or use excessive force against them (5:2).”

It is the most basic and powerful Islamic dispensation that unjust and unlawful killing of one human being – regardless of the color, race, gender or nationality of that human being – is equal to the killing of all human beings from the beginning of time till the end of time.

So, which part of any of these luminous and self-evident passages of the Qur’an against violence and aggression the Muslims, or the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propagandists and mercenaries, don’t understand?

I don’t know about you folks. But there is nothing like this anywhere in the world.

Nothing with this much clarity and with this much emphasis and forcefulness against unjust and unfair use of force and violence and against aggression.

The Qur’an and Islam – and Muslims – wrote the last word on it.

What Should Muslims Say Then?

What should Muslims say, then, when they are hounded by people who want to brand them as incorrigibly violent, as congenitally irrational and as instinctively blood thirsty?

People who have filled the air and who have saturated God’s world with so much vicious falsehood and baseless propaganda against Islam and Muslims that a rational and sane person cannot even take a normal breath any more?

How should Muslims respond to them?

Muslims must do what Islam teaches them to do: Muslims should simply tell the truth. Muslims must tell the world about Islam – something which they have neglected to do all this time.

For Islam is the best defense Muslims have. It is their best friend and protector.

And a great many of all these bad things are happening to the Muslims because they failed to tell the world about Islam in the first place.

So, Muslims must simply tell the world about Islam.

And Islam is all about truth. Muslims should simply say that Islam is about peace, which is what Islam is all about.

At the same time, Muslims should also point out that Muslims have as much right to self-defense as any Christian, Jew, Hindu, Atheist or anyone else in this world.

And that basic human rights for Muslims are as important as basic human rights for everyone else in the world.

That is the truth and it is only the truth that will set the Muslims free. Even as truth is what will set the whole world and everyone else in the world free.

Muslims of the Qur’an:
A Thinking, Reasoning, Smart Kind of People

I wish Muslims were a smart, reasoning, intelligent and thinking kind of people – the kind of people the Qur’an talks about. Not the kind of dull, senseless, clueless automatons most of us have ended up becoming.

How I wish Muslims were really the smart, thinking kind. How I wish they were the kind of Muslims the Qur’an so methodically and meticulously describes.

Then they would be able to see who they really are. What their real mission on earth is. And how they should go about accomplishing that mission.

They will then understand what their Deen – their way of life and their culture – really is, and how they should live it in practice.

They would then know who their Rabb or master really is, and what he wants from them.

Then they would also know and understand who their Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, really was. And what his life – what his Sunnat – was really all about.

They would then know what that book – Dhaalikal kitaab – the Qur’an, is really all about. The book that he brought from God as a guide and blessing for all of humanity.

And they would know and understand what their own role in this world really is. In this place on earth where God Almighty sent them – with the rest of humanity – as his own personal representatives and managers, with a clearly stated mission.

Muslim Mission on Earth

A mission that specified in the most clear terms that the job of the Muslims – and their responsibility – on earth was:

  • To encourage, foster, facilitate and promote all that is good, nice, decent, kind, compassionate, caring and noble.
  • To discourage and curb all that may be bad, evil, inhuman, cruel, dangerous, unjust, unfair, unkind, abusive, exploitative and harmful.
  • To work ceaselessly and tirelessly to end all forms of tyranny, as Thomas Jefferson once put it, over the mind and body of all men, women and children.
  • To treat everyone, without any distinction of race, color, gender or nationality, with respect, justice, equality and fairness.
  • To protect the earth and all that it contains from all harm and waste.
  • To serve all of God’s creation in all forms and shapes in every possible way.
  • To spread the message of love, kindness, compassion, niceness, equality, justice, fairness and decency everywhere.
  • To guarantee the most basic and fundamental rights to everyone, especially the weak, the oppressed, the powerless, the disadvantaged, the dispossessed and the voiceless.
  • To be compassionate, caring, generous and charitable toward all, regardless of color, caste, status, race, religion, gender, language, nationality or some other marker of difference.
  • To place God Almighty, their maker and master, and the maker and master of everyone and everything else in this world, first, second and last in their life – and invite everyone else in this world to do so.
  • And to be, at all times, devoted to and mindful of God Almighty more than to and of anyone or anything else in this world – and to preach that message to everyone else in this world.

Profiling Muslims – And Others

This more or less is the profile of the Muslims that the Qur’an provides.

According to the Qur’an, that is who the Muslims are supposed to be and that is how God Almighty defines their real role in this world.

And what a glorious portrait it is! And what a majestic and magnificent profile!

And what an absolutely amazing miracle it is – unlike any this world has ever known.

If some people today want to profile the Muslims, my very respectful message to them is: Hey, go right on ahead! Make your profiles. We Muslims are used to profiling.

We more or less invented the game. We have a patent on it.

Our original profile comes directly from God himself. It is one that God Almighty himself designed. Your God and our God, God of everyone and everything, he is the one who gave us our first and most complete profile.

And he also profiled everyone else in this world. Read the Qur’an and you will find in its pages all the profiles you will ever need.

You will find in the Qur’an your own profiles as well as our profiles. You will find in it the profiles of good people as well as bad people; nice people as well as nasty people; believing people as well as non-believing people; and all kinds of other people.

The Qur’an will also give you the profile of all kinds of mixed-up and confused people. People who don’t know who they are or what they want. These are people who are here, there and everywhere. But they are truly nowhere.

We Muslims thus are the original profile-makers of this world. At least the Qur’an is. At least our God Almighty is.

That is, our God, who is really your own God, who is truly God of everyone and everything.

Islam Is About Tomorrow

So, in reality, some of what I said earlier is some of what or who the Muslims are supposed to be. The kind the Qur’an talks about. That is their true profile – in the Qur’an.

That is their true identity and their true mission in life.

That is why I wish Muslims of today were Muslims of the Qur’an.

Not necessarily Muslims of yesterday, because that they can never be. For Islam is not about yesterday, but rather about today and tomorrow.

No one does or can live yesterday. We can only live today and tomorrow.

So, whether it is for Muslims or for the rest of the world, there is no such thing as returning to life the way it was yesterday. That can never happen. That is contrary to the law of Allah.

Life on earth does not run backwards. It runs forwards. It runs from God in the beginning to God in the end, if you can figure that one out.

A Future that Is a Throwback to the Past

All we can do, and all we must try to do as Muslims, is to build a most glorious tomorrow for ourselves, and for the rest of the world, keeping before our eyes the immortal teachings of the Qur’an and the everlasting example of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

That is why I wish Muslims of today were Muslims of the Qur’an. For, they are the ones who can build a bright new future for themselves, and for all of humanity, that is as perfect a replication of the past as it is possible for any future to be.

No, it is not a contradiction in terms. It is a miracle. A divine miracle, directly from God Almighty.

For, the more truly successful and glorious the future that human beings build for themselves, the more that future is going to be a throwback in its most central parameters to the life, times and example of the Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam – 1400 years ago.

For, that was the very pinnacle of human glory and achievement on earth. It was as close to being the prime of perfection for human life on earth as this earth is ever capable of producing or witnessing.

Muslims of the Qur’an:
Muslims of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

And that is what will make the Muslims of today also the Muslims of tomorrow – contemporary in every age and comfortable in every place, because they will be the Muslims of the Qur’an.

As someone once said: Har mulk mulk-i-maast, ki mulk-i-khudaa-i-maast!

Paraphrase: We are at home everywhere, for all land is our land, as it is our God’s land.

Thus, Muslims of the Qur’an are above space and beyond time. They are the Muslims of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Muslims of the Qur’an: True Globalists

And they are Muslims that straddle the globe. They are truly Global Muslims. I mean the Muslims of the Qur’an.

They are people who would have conquered both space and time and freed themselves from the twin tyrannies of history and geography. Neither of the East nor of the West, nor of the South nor of the North, Muslims of the Qur’an are truly the Citizens of the Universe in its full range and glory.

Every inch of the Universe is their home. Every occupant of the Universe their neighbor, relative and colleague.

Muslims of the Qur’an are, thus, the true inventors and exemplars of the concept of Globalization – in the noblest, most humane, most civilized, most inclusive and most benign and charitable meaning of that expression – before some people in the world started to use it as a euphemism and a tool to justify, rationalize and solidify the advantages and gains of the rich and the powerful over the poor and the powerless.

That is why I wish Muslims of today were the Muslims of the Qur’an. And they were the kind of Muslims, Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, built.

For, he built them one by one, and left them behind in this world to carry out his mission of love and mercy to the world.

And he left the world of Allah in their care and custody.

A world in which, starting from scratch, he had ushered in a New World Order of love, charity, compassion, justice, equality, freedom and human rights, freedoms and dignity for the whole world, for all human beings and for all times to come.

Unstoppable Flood of
Divine Love, Mercy and Blessing

So, Muslims, the flood of divine love, mercy and blessing that you so ruthlessly unleash – in fact you unleash it quite so nonchalantly, because I don’t think many of you even have a clue what you are doing – is stopped by what river, what mountain, what ocean and what national border or custom or military checkpoint?

Think Muslims, think. It will do you good – to think I mean. At least that is what Allah says – in his book. In that book, the Qur’an – Dhaalikal Kitaab

Islam is for thinking people, he says, and so is the Qur’an – it is for people who can think.

Islam is not, and the Qur’an is not – in fact nothing good and useful in this world really is – for the deliberately and willfully deaf and dumb and for the arrogantly mindless, senseless, heartless and clueless people.

The Miracle of Collateral Blessings

And then, ladies and gentlemen, did you think about the miracle of Collateral Blessings?

You know about Collateral Damage, do you not? What an expression! Just like Saturation Bombing!

Did you ever think about that, Muslims? And did you, all the others who may not look upon yourselves as Muslim, think about that?

Did you think about the miracle of Collateral Blessings?

Did you give any thought to all those “innocent,” naive bystanders who may be just standing around – or liming as some people would say in Trinidad in the West Indies – close to a target when you Muslims call in an aerial bombardment of your Smart Salaam?

When you just zero in on a target and say: Assalamu Alaikum – may God Almighty rain down upon you the missiles of his best and choicest blessings?

How Do You Stop God’s Grace
from Reaching Its Target?

What happens then? What happens to your primary targets as well as to all those others in and around the vicinity in that target-rich environment in which you are operating?

Are they all going to be Salaamed over by your blessing blitzkrieg, are they?

And is there such a thing as a primary target of Salaam – of Allah’s blessing – vs. a secondary or a tertiary target?

I don’t know, folks, I just don’t know. All I am doing is asking the questions. You go and find out the answers and then give them to me if you will be kind enough to do so.

And of course there is no chance of your guided missiles of Salaam (of divine blessings) – coming directly from God, as they do – ever going off course, missing their intended and carefully cleared target and landing on a neighbor’s house, yard, barn, shop, office, person or property, is there?

But what will you do if they do and thus end up filling your neighbor’s house, and in fact your entire neighborhood, with God’s mercy and blessing and love and grace?

Jus how do you plan to stop that from happening?

Again, I don’t know any of this stuff. I am just doing the asking. You go figure the answers.

But trust me I am having a lot of “fun” asking these questions. And doing all this wondering aloud.



What a miracle, this most amazing miracle of Smart Salaam through which the Muslims unleash upon an unsuspecting world and humanity God Almighty’s blessings and grace, twenty-four hours a day, every day, for ever and ever!


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