The More Time You Spend Doing Allah’s Work,
The More Time You Seem To Have for Your Own Personal Work! [Quote - 894]

Jan 17, 2018

Allah says all human life belongs to him. People say, no, we will keep the bulk of our life for our own personal use and give Allah a little bit of it.

If you ask me, this is actually a form of Shirk – splitting up God’s authority and rights with others, such as yourself in this case. And it is worse than rejecting God outright.

So, what happens when you give all your life to Allah, as you ought to, and as Allah asks you to do? Believe it or not, the opposite happens!

Meaning, you get more time and energy and resources for yourself. To do your own work as it were.

Allah bless the man who once made the comment I paraphrase here. He said:

“The more time you spend doing Allah’s Work,
the more time you seem to have on your hands for your own Personal Work.”

And, conversely, the less time you spend doing Allah’s Work,
the less time there seems to be for your own Personal Work!”

Allahu Akbar, what a sentiment! What a thought!

Does anyone else feel the way this gentleman seems to feel? Because I can see quite clearly what he means.

Or is it a special line God Almighty opens up to some people, much to the envy of the rest of us?


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