The Myth of Muslim Unity: 
How Tyrants and Dictators Silent Honest Dissent

Aug 24, 2017


The Myth of Muslim Unity: 
How Tyrants and Dictators Silent Honest Dissent

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

Many Muslims will be shocked to hear this, but “Muslim Unity” is not what we work for. Serving genuine Muslim interests is, and educating Muslims is, and motivating and organizing them is. 

Not that I am against Muslims uniting for common purposes, as the Qur’an says they should. What Kafir will be against something like that?

But I am not fooled by tired and empty sloganeering in the name of “Muslim Unity,” which often simply translates to this nonsense: 

Don’t ever question your leadership on anything they say or do. 
Just stay quiet and follow orders!
And do what you are told to do!
Your leaders know better,
And you know nothing,
And you understand nothing!”

Islam did not come into this world to turn human beings into robots and automatons and zombies.

And slaves!

Or to take away their freedom of conscience and thought and speech from them.

It came to command and cajole human beings to think and to reason, and to never be afraid to do so.

Islam came to liberate and empower human beings — all human beings everywhere!

So, dissent is as Islamic as Iman and prayers. It is a right given to human beings by God Almighty himself.

And freedom of speech is as “sacrosanct” in Islam as you can possibly imagine.

Let me shock everybody even further: What we call “Muslim Unity” is mostly a myth. 

So, speak away, Muslims! And think away! God made you free. Do not let petty earthly tyrants take that wealth, that Ni’amat of Freedom and Personal Liberty, away from you to advance their own two-bit selfish and greedy interests in this world at your expense!

And the cries of “Muslim Unity” are often nothing but a deception and a ruse raised by hired politicians and their dictatorial masters. And it is a fraud perpetrated on naive and innocent Muslim masses by those who have hoodwinked and exploited Muslims for a long time. 

And wish to keep Muslims busy chasing this mirage — and busy chasing their tail as it were — forever, while they abuse, plunder and exploit Muslims in every way they can.

From that point of view, this “Muslim Unity” thing is as good a Trojan Horse against Islam and Muslims as Muslim tyrants, dictators and mercenary Mullahs can find in our day and age.

I wish I could name names, but for long I have made it my carefully considered policy not to do so.

But is Muslim Unity desirable, or even possible at all? Of course it is. It is the best and highest thing in life — provided you know what it is and how to achieve it.

And the way to go about achieving the goal of Muslim Unity on earth is for everyone TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

And for all concerned to work with full sincerity and devotion and dedication for the attainment of common purposes and goals.

But when the hearts are sick and dark, and when the souls are corroded, and when the tongues are gilded and forked, and when speech is driven by selfish and narrow personal, commercial and political agendas and interests, Muslim Unity is nothing but a device to shut up Muslims and squelch and delegitimize opposition and dissent — and to sell them out to all kinds of what my wife calls “Lowest Bidders.

In Muslim politics, it goes back really to how some people, under the canny leadership of Amr bin Al’aas, Radiyallahu Anhu, raised the Qur’an on their spears and called for Muslim Unity, in effect, to turn the certain victory of Ali into Muslim defeat, in an early and decisive Muslim Civil War battle called Siffeen between Ali and Mu’aviyah, Radiyallahu Anhuma.

But is Muslim Unity then possible at all? Of course it is. Read the Qur’an, and you will know how it comes to be.

Muslim Unity comes to be when you purify your actions and intentions, when you do the right thing, when you straighten out your thoughts and your speech, and turn to Allah in total and utter humility and beg him for Muslim Unity, and Allah’s Mercy decides it is time for you to have it.

That is when you get Muslim Unity on earth!

So, Muslim Unity is a blessing that comes from above — from God Almighty — when you are ready for it. And Muslim Unity is not a home-grown earthly product that you can conjure up at will when and where you want it.

I am not saying all this on my own, from my own thought and analysis. Read the Qur’an and hear Allah’s own most clear and direct words on the subject:

Wadhkuroo Ni’amatallahi Alaikum!

(Muslim Unity is a blessing from Allah.)

Idh Kuntum A’adaa-an Fa-Allafa Bayina Quloobikum!

(It is Allah who, when he wants, turns enemies into friends and allies.)

Fa-Asbahtum Bi-Ni’amatihee Ikhwaanaa!

(So, it is Allah’s Blessing that turns yesterday’s enemies into today’s brothers.)

Wa Lawu Anfaqta Maa Fil Ardi Jamee’an Maa Allafta Bayina Quloobihim!

(Muslim Unity, then, is not a human artifact. 

And all the wealth in the world cannot buy Muslim Unity.) 

Yes, after having been fooled by charlatans and fools with Muslim names and credentials for a long time, when I finally turned to the Qur’an in despair and desperation, and Allah opened my eyes and heart, this is the formula that I found in the Qur’an.

And this divine formula for Muslim Unity, in the glorious pages and Aayaat of the Qur’an, needs neither any commentary nor any explanation. It is as crystal and as simple as it can be. And it is as bright as the most bright and blinding sunlight in a cloudless sky.

So, I am totally committed to the goal of Muslim Unity. Make no mistake about that. But not at the fearful cost of shutting up Muslims and silencing honest dissent, as it is sought to be done today by all kinds of tinpot, sold-out tyrants and dictators in Muslim ranks to protect their own corrupt interests and practices.

And often to please and placate their foreign Colonial Masters and mentors and minders and friends and allies.

The Divine Formula for true Muslim Unity, then, is everybody doing their job. Everybody doing the right thing. And everybody first understanding and getting the Rope of Allah — the Qur’an Karim and Islam and Hadith and Muslim Ummah — straight and clear and solid.

And then everybody holding on to that Rope of Allah with both their hands and with their teeth, and not falling apart like a whole bunch of bowling pins in a bowling alley.

Away from the greed and machinations of treasonous tyrants, and away from the third-rate spin and pontification of mercenary Mullahs!

That is how you get Muslim Unity on earth: by holding on firmly to the Rope of Allah! 

And by not falling away.

Wa’tasimoo Bi-Hablillahi Jamee’an, 
Wa Laa Tafarraqoo!

In the meantime, do not forget, any mercenary attempt to shut up Muslim voices and silent honest dissent in the name of Muslim Unity by politicians, and their hirelings in the so-called religious leadership, is treason: against God, against humanity and against Islam!


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