The Need for a Merciful God [Quote - 939]

Jan 10, 2019

For anyone with even an iota of sense it is clear that we need, the world needs, a God that is full of Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness.

We are, every human being is, just the opposite of what a dutiful and obedient child should be. We are truants and turncoats in every way we can think of. And to the highest possible degree.

And all this in the face of the most powerful and clinching evidence hitting us in the face from every direction. 

Born helpless, filthy and pathetic; fed and washed and clothed by everyone in sight. 

For years on end.

Unable to utter a word. Our only means of communication with the world being a meaningless whimper or a heart-rending cry.

And this not-so-glorious chapter of infancy and deep dependency is book-ended by another one of near-equal helplessness, infirmity, frailty and, ultimately, death and disappearance from the ken of all who say they love us and who might actually detest or even hate us.

This is the beginning and end of human life on earth. All human life. 

And there is not one exception to it. 

Don't tell me some people do not die of Old Age as some get shot or die in road accidents. I have long grown weary of those inanities.

The point I am making is that humans begin and end life in states of utter weakness and helplessness. 

And the Qur'an makes this idea as clear as it can be.

And then, those who survive the vagaries of this world, also meet the end of their life in the same state of personal helplessness and of heart-rending dependence on others. 

In Nursing Homes or on the Streets.

But in between these two periods of weakness and infirmity and helplessness and dependency, humans break record after record of arrogance, stupidity, cruelty, injustice and meanness to each other and of indifference and disobedience to God. 

What, should we call it a span of 40 to 60 years for the most part?

Allahu Akbar! How stupid and foolish and rash and reckless and ungrateful can we be!

Thinking we will live forever, even though we see with our own bare, naked eyes that not a single one before us, and right in front of us, has or will.

And yet the world of Allah keeps turning and churning and working for us around the clock.

The sun shines on us. The skies pour down their rain on us. The earth grows food for us. And the waters quench our thirst. And the earth continues to harbor us on its shoulders.

Everyday, we go to bed tired at night, and we wake up fresh in the morning.

Life goes on to its inevitable finale. Day after day; night after night; minute by minute.

And it is clear to the least intelligent among us that our Train of Life is headed to Crash in Death. For, the immutable law of this Life -- of this World is: To Be Born Is To Die!

And yet we continue to behave every new day in the same arrogant, foolish and stupid way that we behaved on all previous days.

Don't you see that people whose very nature seems to be this, do need a God that is loving and merciful?

Ar-Rahmaan and Ar-Raheem?

And that is tolerant and forbearing and gracious and generous?




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