The Path of Working for Allah [Quote - 959]

Sep 21, 2019

The path of Working for Allah does not close. 

Not does it ever change. 

The goal, the purpose, the methodology, everything is the same from Nuh and Ibrahim, Alahimas Salam, to Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

However, details and focus of the method of Working for Allah undergo change with changes in time and space.

And the first step on the path of Working for Allah is absolute and uncompromising purity of motives and intentions: In everything, it is Allah and nothing else.

You work for Allah; you live for Allah; and you die for Allah. And in everything you do, you seek nothing but Allah and his pleasure: Ridwan Allah.

And the second step of Working for Allah is clarity of vision. Random tilting at windmills is not how Islam does things.

Islam pinpoints what it wants to achieve and goes after it with laser-like focus.

After that, people need to work as a Team under an elected Leadership, using a meticulously developed Plan, for the achievement of carefully defined Goals

And people need to impose a certain Discipline on themselves such as the regular reading of the Qur'an, playing an active role in the implementation of an agreed program of action, and so on.

After that, things happen the way they do. As they always do.

And all this is orchestrated and choreographed by Almighty Allah every step of the way -- from beginning to end: who will be in, who will be out, and who will do what with what results, and everything else. 

Everything has been written down from Eternity in Allah's all-encompassing book.

As Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, put it:

Rufi'atil Aqlaam,
Wa Jaffatis Suhuf.


"Pens have been put away,
And the papers have dried."

Now, tell us if you are with us in the trenches. 

Or would you rather watch from the sidelines, as so many Muslims and others are happy and contented doing, hiding behind all kinds of extra "Islamic Rituals," spending their time and resources listening to Islamic Lectures and chasing the coattails of all kinds of Islamic Priests and Pundits called Mowlanas and Sheikhs.


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