The Qur’an Program!

Jan 13, 2017


The Qur’an Program!

Dr. Pasha

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I say things and I move on.

That way, at least we register with Allah some of what we want to do. Our Wish List as it were. And our projection of our thoughts and our fantasies even.

It is a sort of a list of our hopes, and of our dreams. And it is an analysis of the situation as we face it, and of the issues and problems that seem to lie in our way. And it is a mapping of our coping strategies, and of our struggle to find solutions for some of those issues and problems.

The things we say will carry weight with Allah if we are totally and one-thousand-percent sincere in what we say. And provided we have done Due Diligence, as they say, in doing all the research and the deliberation and the consultation we need to do before we arrive at the conclusions that we end up arriving.

And we say what we say purely for Allah’s sake – Li-Wajhillahi as the Qur’an puts it – and not in any way, directly or indirectly, to advance our own personal aims and agendas of any kind.

The Qur’an Program

And among things I have been saying we must do is The Qur'an Program: a continuation and a follow-up on our earlier Qur’an Programs, through which Almighty God connected us with the light and beauty and joy and blessings of the Qur’an.

We started out by Falling in Love with the Qur’an. And we ended up by Falling Even More in Love with the Qur’an. Those were the Golden Moments of Our Life, when we saw Almighty Allah’s miracles and blessings pour out in torrents all around us, for all of us to see with our own eyes.

Allah guided us through our Qur’an Programs of the past. And through them Allah opened our hearts and minds in ways we never thought was possible, sinners and flawed individuals as we were.

And those who tasted those programs, whether teaching or learning, never forgot them. And they never said enough. And they never said stop.

Even though frequently they were forced to sit four, five and six hours on end in one place, without talking to each other, and without breaking concentration, and yet, strangely – is it really all that strange? – never feeling exhausted or broken or saturated or satiated.

The general feeling always was: Can we have more? Can we just go on a bit longer?

It took the best out of some of our stronger and more grounded people, with a more robust Iman, to stop us, and to break us up, and to send us off packing to our food and rest and daily chores.

Allah opened his book to us, even though most people looking at us from outside would have said we were the ones opening Allah’s book and turning its pages and reading it. But to those who were part of the program, and who were tuned into the program, for them it was just the opposite that was happening.

It was not us, it was Allah – all the way.

For, they could see that it was Allah who opened his book for them. And it was Allah who was pulling and pushing and moving us through its Aayaat and its pages. And it was he who was turning the pages of his book for us.

We not only read the Aayat Karimah.

Wa Maa Ramayita Idh Ramayita wa Laakinnallaha Ramaa.

But we saw it with our eyes and felt it in our hearts:

“When you shot your arrows, it was not you shooting them,
but it was Allah Almighty who was doing the shooting.”

And we saw miracle after miracle unfold before us, leaping at us in flashes of light, radiating from the pages of the Qur’an.

We were no longer merely reading the Qur’an. We were seeing it and we were experiencing and living it.

It was Qira’at only in a technical sense. In reality, it was Mushaa-hadah, which means actual witnessing and seeing.

So, this time around, when the Project was broached by me, and I said I wanted to do it again, those who had tasted it before jumped at it.


Allah bless them all! With one voice, they all said: When, where? Can we start right now?

But the question was where do we do it? And when? And for what duration? And with the participation of whom among us?

There were no answers forthcoming. We had no infrastructure in place. I did not have the answers myself. I could not see my way forward clearly.

So, I slumped back into silence – waiting for Allah’s hand to guide and move us forward.

I am writing this in mid-January 2016. And Summer is coming up once again. Can we revive that proposal – a Qur’an Program of maybe a week’s duration?

Again, the nagging question remains: Where?

The Caribbean is a non-starter, well almost. Maybe Canada? Maybe America? But where in America?

Maybe even the UK. But who is in the UK who would really care? There used to be an airline executive who never missed one of our sessions when we did the Qur’an Program in the UK several years ago.

Allah bless him, I don’t know where or how that man is now.

The questions I am asking here are not just logistical questions, they are Cost-Benefit Analysis questions we must all ask whenever we think of putting a program of some kind together.

I am not after crowds, even though I love crowds. But the people I am really interested in are the ones about whom I know from personal experience that the Qur'an Program means something special for them.

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