The Reason Why God Does What He Does [Quote - 411]

Apr 24, 2013

(Inspired by a comment from Dr. Firdaus)

How tempted we all get to speak words like the following:

"The reason why Allah did this.”

And “The reason why God did that.”

Astaghfirullah! As if we know. As if anyone knows.

As if his will and his intent can ever be known or fathomed – by anyone, with regard to anything.

And that is assuming it is not blasphemy of the worst kind, which I have not a doubt in my mind it is, to pretend to be privy to the working of God’s mind.

But facts are facts. And we are humans, endowed with a brain and equipped with a sense of curiosity without bounds.

And we are commanded, explicitly, in the Qur’an, never to stop pondering the mysteries of the universe.

Also, let us not forget that Allah had taught our father Adam “All the Names” – Al-Asmaa-a Kullaha, as the Qur’an puts it.

So, given all that background, and notwithstanding all those caveats, who can stop us from wondering and making all manner of inferential leaps, even about the unfolding of God’s plan in his creation?

Thus, we know for a fact, because the Qur’an tells us that it is so, that when Allah wanted to create Adam he went to dingy, smelly clay, not stardust or a piece of the rainbow.

Min Hama-in Masnoon, the Qur’an calls it.

Now, proceeding from that same premise, when God Almighty wanted to educate the world, where do you think he will go? To a Harvard professor?

Or to a Greek philosopher?

Or to a German scientist?

Or to an Indian Rishi, Egyptian sorcerer or Chinese sage?

Qur’an tells us God went to a Nation of Illiterates in Makkah, Arabia, and from among them fashioned an Illiterate Messenger, untutored by any human agency, and charged him with the task of educating the world.

And commanded him: “Read!”

Anything less would not make sense, would it?

That is the kind of stuff miracles are made of, are they not?


(Dr. Pasha)

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