The Upcoming Turkey Shoot in Ghazzah

May 6, 2024

The Upcoming Turkey Shoot in Ghazzah

Dr. Pasha

I am just like the rest of you Good Muslims -- in America and Canada; in UK and Europe; in the Caribbean and South America.

And in the rest of the world.

Just like all the rest of you, I am also consumed by one big thought, even though that one thought has many parts to it. 

Primarily, I am obsessed about myself; my wife and children; my job and business; and whatever one or two dollars may still be lying around in my Savings or Investment accounts.

These are the things that I think about all the time. Just like all the rest of the Good Muslims around the world.

But I do not, like many of the rest of the Good Muslims, obsess about Jannat. As a result, I do not crowd places and venues, for endless hours, where Professional Salesmen are hawking Jannat Real Estate for throwaway prices.

I am petrified by the way the World is around me. How Civilization is dying a not-so-slow death right under our noses. Both outside and inside America.

Even as I am writing these lines, Israeli Military is about to unleash a Turkey Shoot on Palestinian Refugee Women and Children cowering helplessly under an open sky in the Desert City of Rafah in Ghazzah.

Ghazzah is a tiny strip of coastal land, roughly about 20 miles long and no more than seven miles or so wide at its widest point. Rafah is the southernmost city on that thin slice of land bordering Egypt. 

All other cities and habitations to the north of Rafah have been destroyed and turned into rubble by months of ceaseless bombing by Israeli Military Jets with weapons and munitions primarily supplied by America and Britain. 

And with the Political Cover provided to Israel by America, Britain, France, Germany and most of the rest of Europe.

As a result, Palestinian Refugees from all these destroyed cities in Ghazzah are now crowding the desert in and around Rafah City. 

Nearly a million and a half of them.

Without food, without water, without medicine and without safety or security.

Israeli Military is now about to pummel these last remnants of the Israeli Carnage of the last several weeks with fresh aerial bombardment. 

Body parts of thousands of babies and women have already filled Television Screens and Social Media platforms all around the world.

The same scenes and pictures will be repeated now, all over again, for the next several days. Muslims, and the rest of the world, will watch in horror. Petrified, frozen on their TV Screens.

American Politicians will repeat their ugly lie that Israel is simply defending itself. As will the so-called Mainstream American Media.

Even after Israeli soldiers killed nearly 50,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children, and injured more than 100,000. 

All of this brutal massacre taking place during the past few months.

Israeli Politicians and Military Leaders will say that what Israel is doing is simply to defend itself against Terrorists. 

Against animals and brutes and lowlife who only look human but are really subhuman and insects and vermin in disguise.

And Israel is really defending itself against its Historical Biblical Enemy the Amaleks.

Innocent babies and defenceless women will continue to be shot to shreds and incinerated, right before our eyes, in the Open-Air Hunting Grounds of Rafah in the 20-mile long and less-than-five-miles wide strip of land called Ghazzah.

Good Muslims will emerge out of their hours of meetings with Professional Jannat Salesmen, their pockets swelling with Deeds and Documents to all kinds of Prime Real Estate in Jannat and their bellies bulging with every manner of Placebos and Sedatives every quack and slick salesman ever invented.

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