The Wonderful Jihad that Muslims Wage!

Aug 4, 2020


The Wonderful Jihad that Muslims Wage!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time.
Trying to Take the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And Which One Does Not?)

"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to 
every form of tyranny over the mind of man!" 

Thomas Jefferson
American Statesman, Revolutionary and Founding Father
Author of Declaration of Independence
Two Times President of the United States

Islam is Jihad!

And Jihad is waging relentless war against every Form of Tyranny and Oppression and Cruelty and Injustice -- or Zulm -- that may be perpetrated by anyone over the body, mind and property of anyone else.

Be that Muslim or non-Muslim; be that your friend or foe; be that your relative or a total stranger; and be that from your own tribe, race, nation and religion or from an entirely different region, religion, nation, society, race, color or country.

And Jihad is Islam!

Provided Jihad is done purely for the sake of God Almighty, and provided it is carried out using nothing but the most lawful, honorable, decent, humane, just and compassionate means and methods that God Almighty sanctioned.

And that Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, practiced and preached.

Otherwise, War is usually an Instrument of Aggression in the hands of the powerful and the mighty in the service of their greed and ambition.

So, once Jihad is undertaken and carried out purely for God, and once it is carried out using nothing but the Best and the Most Right and Proper and Appropriate Methods, it does not matter at what level, or to what degree, and in what particular form, mode or format, people are engaged in waging this Jihad Fi Sabililllah! 

This Fighting for God Almighty! 

This Struggle in the Path of God Almighty! 

And that is what Islam is all about! Make no mistake then! 

Therefore, those of you who proofread the posts for and on our website www.IslamicSolutions.Com; those of you who fix and correct the typos they find in them; and those who trace and locate the typos in the writings and in the posts; and they have been doing all this for years and years, without any reward or recognition of any kind; they are all doing something called Jihad.

Jihad Fi Sabilillah!

Fighting in the Path of God Almighty!

The fact is, Jihad is one of the most basic, elementary and vital Concepts of Islam. In Islam, Jihad is a fundamental requirement. That means, without Jihad, there is neither Islam, nor Iman.

But right now, Jihad is an Islamic Practice that is under attack and in disuse and disrepute.

All those who fear, hate and oppose Islam and Muslims in any form, and to any degree, regardless of whether they carry Muslim or non-Muslim names, identities and self-proclaimed credentials, attack and malign the Concept of Jihad using every propaganda device in their Bag of Tricks.

The idea is to alienate Muslims from the fundamental Islamic Requirement of Jihad. And to discourage and stop Muslims from thinking about Jihad and from making Jihad.

And that is because they all know, only too well, both theoretically as well as from a long experience of dealing with Muslims for the past 1400 Plus Years, that as long as the Spirit of Jihad is alive and well among Muslims, Islam and Muslims will be undefeatable in any of the battlefields in which they meet them.

Jihad, thus, is the most powerful mechanism of self-protection and self-preservation that God Almighty has built into the system of Islam and handed to Muslims to embrace and practice.

And these battlefields that Muslims fight on are many. Among them is the one in which Muslims meet the enemies of Islam in war and try to stop them using all the destructive weaponry they possess. 

For Muslims, Jihad is warfare, using all legitimate, decent, humane and honorable means sanctioned by God Almighty.

This kind of Jihad could be Jihad Bis-SayifJihad using the Sword. And it is one end of this Finely Calibrated Scale called Jihad.

But then there are all other kinds, levels and degrees of Jihad -- the same endless and all-out effort and struggle to make Truth, Justice, Honesty, Liberty, Equality and Freedom prevail for all people in all parts of the world.

Among these other kinds and degrees of Jihad is Jihad Bil-Qalam: doing Jihad using your Pen -- and all other means of Communication.

And a variation of it is Jihad Bil-Lisan: doing Jihad using your tongue and every other means and method of Human Interaction and Communication.

So, all those using their Computers and the Internet, and using Radio, Television, Social Media, Newspapers, Magazines, Emails, and everything else of this kind are also doing Jihad.

Even if these wonderful people are doing nothing but post writings on our website www.IslamicSolutions.Com, or proofreading them, or catching and correcting the typos in them.

They are all Soldiers of God, fighting with all kinds of lawful, decent, honorable Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising Weaponry that God Almighty may have placed in their hands.

And then there are those who are fighting with their hearts and with their minds, even though they are not on a conventional battlefield shooting their arrows and guns, but only closeted in their own homes and offices and chambers, and thinking and agonizing about all the Injustices and Atrocities -- about all kinds of Zulm that is -- and about all the Lies and Propaganda, that are rife in Human Society today coast to coast, from one end of the world to the other.

And they are brooding, and planning, and fuming and fretting, and wishing and praying that there were legitimate, decent, humane and honorable ways, sanctioned by God Almighty, that they could use to make a difference in today's miserable world, and to make it better.

To make this World of God a better place for all the Creation of God, Muslim and non-Muslim, human and non-human.

And this Jihad Bil Qalb is the other pole or end of this amazing Jihad Spectrum that Allah and his Messenger Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, calibrated and exemplified for the Human Race

The first anchor or pole of this Jihad being Jihad Bis-Sayif: Fighting with your hands and with your sword and weapons.

So, no matter at what stage or position or station you are in your life, if you are a Muslim, Jihad is your Destiny and Jihad is your Way. 

And Jihad is the very core of your "Religionof Islam, as some people would call it.

And it is the blessings of Jihad that Muslims wage in all kinds of ways, and have been doing for all these 1400 Plus years, that keeps this world going, such as this world is today.

Otherwise, this world would have ended a long time ago! 

Totally decimated and crushed under the burden of all the Zulm -- Tyranny, Atrocities, Injustices, Aggression and Oppression -- that some people let loose on others.


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