The Work Goes On [Quote – 553]

Jun 24, 2014

(Hashim Mohammad)

The most important question for each one of us to ask regularly is: Where do I go from here?

Working for Allah is a life-long business. So we cannot slack off or retire from it.

Our commitment and pledge is first to Allah and then to anyone or anything else. And Allah will hold us accountable right here in this world as well as in the next world.

This should make us continue working for Allah regardless of being few in number and irrespective of who else does or does not work for him — and regardless of others dropping out by the wayside.

May Allah keep us close to him and help us continue to work for him.

May Allah help us to work with others who are working for him.

May Allah open the hearts of those who may have been once involved in working for him to rejoin us to work for him again.

May Allah continually open the hearts of new people to work for him.


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