The Wrath of Hurricane Irma!

Sep 10, 2017


The Wrath of Hurricane Irma!

Dr. Pasha

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Irma is a Category-5 Atlantic Ocean hurricane of most fearsome proportions. It is supposed to pack winds close to 200 miles an hour, not counting the gusts which could be more.

And everyone fears Irma’s Wrath. And rightly so. For, the havoc Irma could cause could go from massive loss of life to total destruction of property.

Irma may put nearly 7,000,000 people from Florida on the move, who will be going either to safe shelters close by or trying to escape the state of Florida altogether to neighboring states such as Georgia for example.

This is heartbreaking. And awe inspiring. 

Governor Rick Scott of Florida seems to be doing a phenomenal job. Precautions taken to deal with the Wrath of Irma are momentous. And extremely impressive. Even to a political skeptic such as myself.

But there is one question that has not stopped haunting me: 

Should we all not be at least equally mindful of the Wrath of a God whose power exceeds the might and ferocity of Hurricane Irma by a factor of Infinity times Infinity?

Is this not time for us, or soon after Irma goes home, and we have finished recovering from her wrathful aftermath, to reflect on our lives, and how we are living them? 

Both as individuals and as societies?

All the things we do wrong — and we could do different and better — in our personal as well as public lives?

And think of preparing half as seriously for the day when we will all be hauled up before God and forced to face the Wrath of a Vengeful God, as the Bible puts it? 


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