They Want Us to Forget There Is Something Called Truth [Quote - 935]

Oct 31, 2018

Truth is what it is. Often it is not self-evident, which makes it necessary we pursue it actively and in a focused way.

Modern times have a way of misnomering and trivializing things, including this highly exalted and critical expression Truth, on which the entire human existence depends. And reducing everything to individual personal issues. To the fundamentally human side of things.

The fact is, Truth is not what you or I feel about ourselves. It is not the state or integrity or honesty of our feelings. That is a very different issue altogether.

Truth means an objective reality, outside ourselves, that is knowable through our senses and by the use of rigorous logical analysis. 

For example, New York City is a metropolis that exists 250 or so miles south of the city of Syracuse in Upstate New York. That is an undeniable, verifiable reality. 

It is Truth

My feelings toward New York City could be honest, hypocritical or totally mixed up. That has nothing to do with Truth

We can live in a fool's paradise and think New York City is a little bird in Florida. And we may be very clear and very sincere and very honest in our belief. 

But that has nothing to do with Truth. It is a simple case of personal delusion and stupidity. And the Truth that New York is a great big metropolis where it is will stand unperturbed and unaffected by our individual delusional states.

This is the tragedy that has hit our present-day educational, media and informational systems and channels, including interpersonal channels and friendship networks, that even the simple meaning and reality of Truth is sought to be shielded from us, thereby severely limiting our chances of actively seeking or in fact finding Truth.


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