This Baqr Eid, a Wish, a Prayer [Quote - 312]

Nov 6, 2011

"This Baqr Eid, Qurban Bayram, Eidul Adha, call it what you will, I have a wish.

And I have a prayer.

I will not say it is from my heart.

For, my heart is broken to a million bits at what is happening in the world -- senseless violence; marauding injustice; rampaging lies.

So, I don't really have a heart to speak of.

Instead, there is a huge hole where my heart used to be.

And a lump of unspeakable anguish watching man's treachery to God.

And watching and living man's inhumanity to fellow-man.

But a wish -- and a prayer -- I do have.

And it is a very simple one.

It is that, beginning with this Eidul Adha, 1432, the Muslim World will be free of violence -- and lies.

That, Muslims will commit no violence and perpetrate no baseless lies against others.

And that, others will commit no violence and perpetrate no lies against Muslims.

And that no country in the world will use false and baseless propaganda to attack and invade another country and plunder its wealth and kill its people.

That is my simple wish for this whole new year starting with this new Baqr Eid 1432.

Eidul Adha 2011.

That is my prayer.

That is my wish." (Dr. Pasha)

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