Those Who Look for Truth Shall Find It! [Quote - 901]

Jan 24, 2018

Those who look for God shall find him.

Provided they look for him hard enough, and well enough, and seriously enough.

And those that seek the truth in this world shall find it.

For, truth is God’s way in his world.

Provided they are sincere; and have a measure of humility.

And provided they are truly committed to their goal.

And remain steadfast and persistent in their search.

If they are all that, truth then shall come to them in God’s own good time, place and scale – as everything else would and does.

As the Qur’an says:

“Everything God does is most meticulously measured.”

Kullu Shai-y-in Indahu Bi-miqdaar.

Another most amazing miracle of an Aayat – Passage of the Qur’an – in your hands.


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