Those Who Say or Think They Are Working for Allah [Quote – 712]

Jul 31, 2016

We all raise important points in our mail.

At one time or another. And in one way or another.

The rest of us, those who get these e-mails, we all have a responsibility to address those points.

Each and every one of us is expected to, and required to, do that.

That is our job. That is what we are all supposed to do.

And we all got to do that without constant reminders from others.

I don’t think we pay each other “enough” to send us reminders. In fact, not one of us gets paid for any of this. We all know that we all do this work for free, as it were.

Except for whatever compensation or reward God Almighty may choose to give us, should he find any of what we do good enough — and sincere enough: done only to please him, and not to rake up praise and recognition and appreciation from onlookers.

Not for showoff purposes, that is.

This “showoff” business is a trap that Shaitan has set up for us everywhere. 

And all too many of us are caught up in that trap in one way or another. That means while many of the best of us claim that we are working purely for Allah, not too many of us are immune from feeling puffed up, and wonderful and flattered, when other people shower praise and recognition upon us.

So, recognition by God, and reward from him, is the only payment we expect — and we hope we get.

So, we all need to do our job, and we all need to do our duty. 

And we all need to do that without reminders from others and without other people being constantly after us.


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