Those Working for Allah Must Try and Keep Focus —
At All Times [Quote – 713]

Jul 31, 2016

Our job — the job of all us — is to take the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it — and which one does not?

We have no other job in this world.

And that is the job we have committed ourselves to.

And Allah will hold us to our word, for, as Muslims, Our Word Is Our Bond:

Wa Kaana ‘Ahdullahi Mas-oola!

And every other job and or duty that we may have in this world as responsible and productive members of civilized society, and as citizens, parents, spouses, neighbors and all that, is subsumed under this broad framework. 

And that comes down to distributing our literature: To every male and female we know.

To every non-Muslim and Muslim in that order, if you don’t mind my saying so.

And that means SINGLE-MINDED FOCUS on doing that.

When we take our eyes off that ball, and when we lose focus, we get into all kinds of trouble.

The Battle of Uhad is a most illustrative, and most painful, example of momentary loss of focus on the part of Muslims.

Go, study the incident — the Battle of Uhad I mean — and you will know what dire consequences followed that Loss of Focus on the part of Muslims.

Muslims had that battle won. But that Loss of Focus on the part of Muslims, snatched for them, defeat — or near-defeat — from the jaws of a most glorious victory, with the most terrible personal consequences.


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