Three Full Months of Genocide in Kashmir:
How the World Died a Thousand Deaths!
Right Before Our Eyes!

Nov 8, 2019


Three Full Months of Genocide in Kashmir:
How the World Died a Thousand Deaths!
Right Before Our Eyes!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Yes, the whole world is dead. It died right before our eyes. And it died not once, but a 1000 times.

I will tell you why and how!

Today, in the beautiful valley of Kashmir, no less than eight million (8,000,000) Muslims are locked up in their homes Twenty-Four-Seven, like cattle. 

And they have been for no less than Three Full Months. And Counting.

And the whole world is watching this Ongoing Genocide of Eight Million Human Beings in perfect silence and with profound equanimity.

This silence is sick. And it is sickening. And it screams that the world in which we live today is a dead world. 

This world of ours died a 1000 deaths. And it died right before our eyes. With the whole world watching.

No, make it Eight Million Times. Once for each male, female, adult, child and old and sick and infirm individuals, corralled in their homes in Kashmir and kept under 24-7 Lock-and-Key called Curfew.

These are not cattle. If they were, the whole world would have erupted in protests and marches and slogans and rioting. 

These are not cats and dogs. If they were, everyone in this so-called civilized world of ours, would have been out in the streets making all kinds of noise.

All kinds of powerful governments and their leaders would have slapped all kinds of deadly sanctions, on the perpetrators of an outrage of that nature, which in this case happens to be the Fascist Government of India. 

This Fascist Indian Administration is now headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, both prime suspects in the infamous Gujarat Massacres of 2002, when they were State Chief Minister and Home Minister respectively.

This is a government whose ideological founders drew inspiration from Hitler and Mussolini and modeled their own organization after them.

And if these Locked Down People of Kashmir were just people, any people, other than Muslims, all the religious leaders of the world, from Pope on down, would have huffed and puffed and thundered all kinds of denunciations and fire and brimstone and called for all kinds of retributions.

And the Muslims, O Yes, there are supposed to be a billion and a half Muslims in this world: 1,500,000,000! And these Muslims have 50 or more states and governments, the so-called Muslim-Majority States, all to themselves.

Many of these so-called Muslim States and Governments, with all kinds of tinpot dictators, thugs and tyrants at the helm, fill the world's belly with their tens of millions of barrels of oil a day. 

Without their oil, milked out of Muslim OilfieldsModern Civilization as we know it would have shuddered and shut down.

If the People of Kashmir were just any people, ordinary people, and not Muslim, these Muslim States and their Ruling Dictators too would have kicked into action and mouthed some inane cliches of disapproval and condemnation. 

As for Ordinary Muslims, what can Ordinary Muslims do?

They know nothing. And they can do nothing. Other than what they used to do at one time: maybe burn down a bus or two. 

But they don't even do that any more, which is good news. For, Islam does not teach anyone to burn down even bushes and trees, not even those that belong to the enemy.

But ever since the International Think Tanks and the International Media and the International Politicians discovered, after years and years of ceaseless toil, and trial and error, the Bonanza of the Terrorism Label to apply to Muslims, Muslims don't even do that.

Now, they are just too terrified to be seen doing anything.

Now they just sit around and simmer. 

The better ones, if better ones they are, huddle around in mosques and talk about -- well, God knows what they talk about, in God's own house, or elsewhere -- as they await the Gates of Paradise to be flung open for them.

These simple folks, or idiots, as the case may be, or sharp operatives feigning ignorance and naivete, don't realize that their job as Muslims in this world was not to wait around for the Jannat Train to arrive. 

But their job was to get their backsides on the road and hustle like hell, or heaven, to make Allah's World, right here on this earth, a better place for all of Allah's creation. 

If they had done that, the doors of heaven and earth would have opened for them and the blessings and mercy of Allah would have poured down on them in torrents. 

But these naive souls, or charlatans and wolves in sheep's clothing, think that the way to Paradise is paved with Nafil Namaz and Empty Dhikr when the House of Allah -- this world I mean -- goes up in flames all around them.

They are the Slaves who will sit around and chat away their lives, even as they watch the Master's House, and his Entire Plantation, go up in flames, and not raise a little finger to save them.

I am saying Slaves, for, that is what Allah calls them: Yaa Ibaadi! 

And they themselves call each other with names like Abdullah and Abdul This and Abdul That Most Glorious Name of Allah.

As for Allah's House, getting consumed by fire, read the Qur'an and you will know. Everything in this world belongs to Allah. He made everything, and he owns everything. So, when the world suffers, it is damage done to Allah's Property and to Allah's People.  

And Allah made human beings to guard his property, though he needs no guards to help him protect what is his, and to manage that property, even though he does not need the help of anyone to manage what is his.

But Allah made human beings, and he honored them by saying these are going to be my Representatives on Earth

Innee Jaa'ilun Fil Ardi Khalifah, he said. 

So, our job as humans is to take care of this world, to fix what is broken in it, and to keep it working in the best possible manner. 

And the Muslims are the ones especially charged with this responsibility. By the mandate of that Aayat Karimah Innee Jaa'ilun Fil Ardi Khalifah, Muslims are the self-appointed custodians of Allah's Domain on Earth

Muslims are the ones who accepted that charge and that mandate from their Maker and their Master, Allah, Rabbul Aalameen.

Muslims appointed themselves to this exalted position by accepting and by declaring the sovereignty of God Almighty in the universe. They gave Shahaadah -- meaning they gave witness, and they gave testimony, and they proclaimed, that there is no master or sovereign but Allah.

Laa Ilaaha Illallah! 

As for the Not-So-Better Ones among Muslims, they go wherever they can find some peace, or fun or joy or excitement. 

Or even some medication or chemical concoction to dull their pain, and to while away their time, and to squander their resources, which God gave them. For, they too feel the pain of the Muslim predicament. 

In Kashmir and everywhere else.


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