Three Languages Every Muslim Must Master: 
Arabic, Mathematics, Mother Tongue

Jul 26, 2020

And Arabic Language is what God Almighty chose to be the Lingua Franca of his Jannat -- Paradise -- that transcends the limitations of Time and Space, and whose expanse is the entire Earth and all the Heavens.

'Arduhas Samaawaatu Wal Ardu.

Qur'an is what connects the Creation with the Creator, the Khaaliq with the Makhlooq; and the Transient with the Transcendental.

And it connects the Here-and-Now with the Eternal and the Forever.

Qur'an, therefore, is God Almighty's Unbreakable Rope that will pull human beings out of the Abyss of their Miserable Earthly Existence and drag them out to an Eternal Life of Joy and Bliss in Paradise.

Wa'tasimoo Bi-Hablillahi...

And take human beings to the Love and Grace and Pleasure of God Almighty -- which is Transcendental to Every Thing Else.

Wa Ridwaanun Minallahi Akbar!

And that means Arabic Language is that Eternal Rope from Allah that can neither fray nor break.

Lan-Fisaama Lahaa.

It is permanent, unbreakable, Forever!

So Mastering Arabic Language is not an option or a matter of Choice for Muslims but an Absolute Requirement.

Without every Muslim male and female Mastering the Arabic Language, the Muslim Nation -- Ummah -- will be cut off from its source of Oxygen, both Physical and Spiritual, both This Worldly and Other Worldly.

Both in Aalamush-Shahaadati and in Aalamul Ghayibi.  

And not only will Muslims be totally, and irrevocably disconnected with Aalamul Ghayibi, but their connection with, and their understanding of, Aalamush-Shahaadah itself will be at best tenuous, wobbly and sporadic.

And they will be forced to outsource the Understanding and Practice of the Qur'an and Islam to all kinds of MercenariesAdventurersJourneymen and Snake Oil Merchants.

They will even hire professionals to read Yaseen Sharif when one of them dies, leave alone reading and doing Tilaawat of the Qur'an all the time; trying to understand the meaning of the Qur'an all the time; and bending every muscle in their body and mind to implement and establish the Qur'an in this world all the time.

That is how Muslims, in all their hundreds of millions, will turn to being Riffraff: Ghuthaa' Ka-Ghuthaa-is Sayil. 

Useless, weightless and worthless.

And they will face all kinds of Humiliations and Helplessness and Failures and Adhaab and Punishment from Allah right here in This World -- in Aalamush-Shahaadah.

Wa Duribat Alayihimudh Dhillatu, 
Wal Maskanatu,
Wa Baa-oo Bi-Ghadabin Minallah.

So, now, given the situation in which the Muslims are, for the Muslim Ummat the way out of their troubles, and out of their Worldly and Other-Worldly Problems, is to make a start today and proceeding to Master the Arabic Language.

Every single male and female, child and adult, of them, without exceptions.

Mother Tongue:
Getting a Foothold in Reality

Every child on earth is born within the frame and context of a certain language, German, French or Swahili or something else. That is their most immediate cultural Reality. And it is this Language Reality that shapes their entire life thereafter.

What every Muslim must do is, not just to become literate in their mother tongue, but to master it in such a way that they can reach the highest levels of that language.

Become writers, poets, scholars in their own mother tongue.

And become speakers and orators and teachers and professors.

As good as, and in fact better than, everybody else.

That is part of the meaning of the expression in Hadith:

Utlubul Ilma.

Run after Knowledge.

Seek Knowledge. And do so actively and diligently and vigorously.

And that means do not leave a single stone unturned in the Search for Knowledge.

Go even to China if you have to, in search of knowledge.

Imagine that! 

A distance of nearly 5000 miles between Makkah-Madinah in Hijaz and Beijing in China and that too 1400 years ago. What do you think? How long is that going to take you? And what all challenges and risks and expenses are you likely to face?


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