Three Perils in the Path of Working for Allah

Oct 29, 2016

And this is one path in life, the path of Islam, progress on which is LINEAR. For, Allah's path is Mustaqeem.


And most Muslims today are in side alleys. A good name for them is Distractions.

Qur'an calls them LAGH-V.

And Qur'an calls them LAH-V.

And Shaitan is the king of Laghv and Lahv -- Distractions.

Now, tell me, these are not serious risks for our people -- those committed with us to Working for Allah?

Muslims of course sanitize a lot of Un-Islamic Distractions and Co-opt many of them to make them Islamic: whether it is useless gossip; endless talk; Islamic Cookouts; or something else.

Some Zaalim among Muslims even sell Halal Beer!

And now God sent the Muslims Social Media as a test. Like he sent Bani Israeel Mann and Salwa!

The question to ask is: How prone are our people, those Working for Allah hand in hand with us, how susceptible are they, to the charms and lures of Social Media, as opposed to burning the daylight fire and midnight oil WORKING FOR ALLAH?

Slaving, as it were, on things we committed ourselves to slave on?

These are my ongoing concerns. For the world; for Muslims; and for our own people in the Coworkers Family.

For, in the ultimate analysis, there go the last shreds of my Islam and Iman both, the way the Muslims are that is how the world will be.

And Muslims will precisely be the way their Islam is.


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