Time and Place for Everything that Happens [Quote – 620]

There is always a time and a place for everything that happens in this world. And often there is a man — call it an inpidual, for, it could be a man or a woman — to do it. To trigger or spearhead it as it were.

To know this and to believe this is Eemaan!

To wait for it to happen is Sabr!

To accept what happens — after you have done your best to produce the best possible results, and to remedy the worst situation and circumstance, and in every way to minimize and control damage as much as you can — is Ridaa!

And the thing that happens — when and as and how it does — can neither be delayed nor hurried. This is called Qadaa‘ or Qadr: Allah’s decree, writ or mandate.

Here is the Qur’an on the subject:

Inna Ajalallahi Idhaa Jaa-a Laa Yu-Akhkhar!

Wa¬†Laa Yastaqdimoona Saa’atan Wa Laa Yasta’khiroon!