Time to Broaden the Conversation on Coronavirus
by Introducing God, Repentance and Prayer!

Nov 29, 2020


Time to Broaden the Conversation on Coronavirus
by Introducing God, Repentance and Prayer!

Dr. F. Kamalodeen

It is time we introduced some new ideas into our conversation on this Pandemic of Coronavirus that is upon us.

Beyond science, beyond the wearing of masks, beyond social distancing, and beyond washing of hands.

And beyond vaccines and therapeutics -- real or potential.

Of course, all those things are important and, from an Islamic point of view, science is an important foundation of human life on earth.

But, as Shakespeare said: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

And by philosophy, he meant science, because that is the best shot human beings had at science of any kind at that time.

But, nevertheless, it is time to introduce some new ideas, which really are as old as anything on earth. And which in reality are older than heaven and earth, as Shakespeare put it.

And those ideas are, first of all, God Almighty. It is time to introduce God in our conversation on the Pandemic and do so prominently and unabashedly.

And then the next idea is Repentance -- for and from all things bad we have done and all things good we have not done. Our omissions and our commissions as it were.

And then the third idea is one of Prayers

While we double down on science, for science is really Islam when it is done right, it is also equally important that we back up our science with the most ardent, humble and abject Prayers to God Almighty for his Grace and Mercy.

This should teach us that there is a correlation between the wrong things we do and the bad things that happen to us. And if we fix those wrong things, then good things can be the outcome and good things will begin to happen to us. 

And the way to start fixing them is by acknowledging those wrong things as clearly wrong and showing remorse for them. For, without that, there is no way forward. We are stuck in a blind alley.

This should be followed by pleading and begging God Almighty for relief from the afflictions with the assurance and commitment that we will not repeat those wrongs again.

This is about Prayers, true and heartfelt prayers.

It is time the World tried this more inclusive formula of Science, God, Repentance and Prayer, in our conversations to deal with the Pandemic of Coronavirus 2019.


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