To All Those Working for Allah, Eid Greetings – But with a Question!

Jul 15, 2015

To All Those Working for Allah
Eid Greetings – But with a Question!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)


  1. Greetings!
  2. Those Working for Allah
  3. What to Tell the Rest of the Muslims?
  4. Ramadan: The Month of Truth
  5. Eternal Battle between Haqq and Baatil
  6. Truth Is Dead among Muslims?
  7. No One to Name the Rogue Gallery!
  8. And No One to Call Out the Sell-Out Shaikhs, the Ulemaa Soo’,
    As Islamic History and Culture Refer to Them!
  9. A Ramadan without Truth?
  10. What Do I Tell the Ikhwan of Egypt?
    What Do I Tell Dr. Mursi and Others?
  11. Does Anyone Remember the Massacre of Rabe’a Square Any More?
  12. Good Guys vs. Bad Guys
  13. Millions of Dollars to Serve Islam,
    But Not a Word to Serve Al-Haqq– Or the Truth!
  14. Man with a Strange Name!
  15. And All This Time, a Lonely Path for Islam?
  16. And For the Lone Truth Tellers among Muslims?



Ramadan 1436/2015 is drawing to a close. The month of Qur’an – the Month of Mercy and Blessings – is taking leave.

Like it always does, this time too, the month of Ramadan is leaving behind a legacy of tearful eyes and broken hearts.

The joys of Eidul Fit’r are upon us, knocking at the door.

Greetings are in order. And commiserations too!

To all those Working for Allah: Felicitations and best wishes to you all for a wonderful Eidul Fit’r.

You all worked hard and you deserve the best. And Allah never shortchanges anyone who does anything for him.

Those Working for Allah

Those who are Working for Allah in any form or capacity always get paid more than what they are owed, what they deserve, if they deserve anything at all.

For, Allah owes us nothing, no matter how hard we work for him.

Or for how long.

Or in how many different ways.

All that fasting, all that praying, all those night-long vigils, what a month it has been.

And now sheer joy, albeit bittersweet. Joy for what Ramadan gave, and sorrow for all that Ramadan is taking away.

What to Tell the Rest of the Muslims?

Heartbreak at the very fact that Ramadan is over. And won’t be back for another long year.

So, greetings and blessings of Ramadan and Eidul Fit’r to you all – and yours.

But what do I tell the rest of the Muslims?

For, little known to the world, Ramadan is also the month of Truth.

And of Justice.

Ramadan: The Month of Truth

And it is the Al-Furqan month, if you want to call it that, going by the Qur’an.

That means a month during which God Almighty made facts and truth stand out most clearly and distinctly from fiction and falsehood.

And he did this on the battlefield of Badr on the 17th day of Ramadan.

The Qur’an called that day Yawumal Furqan: the Day of Decision.

It was the day in which an ill-equipped 313 Believers decisively defeated 1000 armed-to-the-teeth Unbelievers.

Eternal Battle between Haqq and Baatil

In doing this, they made clear to the whole world who was fighting for Truth and Justice — and God — and who was championing the cause of Falsehood and Injustice — and the Devil.

And they sent out a loud and clear message forever, and for all those who would hear, that Truth and Justice, no matter how seemingly weak or ill-equipped from a worldly point of view, can never be defeated or destroyed by Falsehood and Injustice, no matter how powerful and armed-to-the-teeth Falsehood and Injustice may appear to the human eye.

The name for Truth and Justice in the Qur’an is Al-Haqq, while the Qur’an gives the name of Al-Baatil to Falsehood and Injustice.

And the Qur’an calls it Zulm – the worst and most egregious kind of atrocity one can imagine.

And to all the Propaganda that usually accompanies and provides the framing, support, justification and rationalization for Baatil – and for Zulm – in its primordial fight against Al-Haqq.

Truth Is Dead among Muslims?

So, even as I extend to you greetings, I ask myself, what do I tell the rest of the Muslims?

Given not only the heartbreaking conditions which have been forced upon so many of them this past year, or two, or three, or more, but also given the fact that much of their woes are brought to them courtesy their own so-called fellow-Muslims!

But worse, and more tragic than everything else, what used to be called Truth is now lying dead in their midst, in the forlorn streets of Islam. 

Fear and hypocrisy, and what Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, called “Hubbud Dunya,” have silenced the pens and placed huge padlocks on the mouths of so many otherwise good and self-professed God-fearing Muslims everywhere.

Not only are sorrow, pain, loss, abuse, humiliation and deprivation heaped on Muslims throughout the world, there is no one to tell the world the truth about their condition.

For, nothing heals the wounds of the hearts, better or sooner than an honest piece of truth, spoken freely – and in time.

No One to Name the Rogue Gallery!

No one to name the names of the Who-Is-Who of their so-called co-religionists, the villains with Muslim names and affiliations, who play such a critical role in the downfall, destruction and enslavement of Muslims around the world.

Even those we may generally consider to be good Muslims, in Muslim organizations and Jama’ats and parties, have chosen the path of discretion over valor.

Lest, one fears, their free and fearless speech should empty the coffers and dry up the ever-flowing streams of their worldly wealth – donations and contributions to their many good, charitable and Islamic causes.

Lest, one can’t help but think, they lose the patronage of the same rich and powerful villains bearing Muslim names, who are behind many of the tragedies that have been heaped upon Muslims from every direction.

Individuals and governments, rulers and royals, touting Muslim names and identities, but openly in cahoots with those whose hate and fear of Islam have no bounds according to the Qur’an.

And No One to Call Out the Sell-Out Shaikhs, the Ulemaa Soo’,
As Islamic History and Culture Refer to Them!

And the so-called “religion” of Islam has been mobilized to confer a figleaf of “religious” legitimacy on their diabolical anti-Muslim and anti-Islam activities and allegiances, and silence and pacify the ignorant and naïve Muslim masses.

So, you can count any number of not only royals, rulers and political leaders in this galaxy of rogues and crooks, but also as many so-called religious shaikhs and grand-shaikhs as you would want to have in a lifetime.

So, this Ramadan, and this Eid, even as I extend to all of you Working for Allah my heartfelt greetings, what do I tell the rest of the Muslims?

What do I tell them about what is it really that hit them?

And whose is the savage hand that is really behind their sorry fate and endless tragedies?

And what is the month of Ramadan – the month of Al-Furqan – good for, if it is not good enough to teach Muslims to tell the truth even during this most blessed of times?

A Ramadan without Truth?

So, a month of Ramadan without Truth? What kind of Ramadan is that?

So, my tears flow not only because the blessed Month of Rahmah is leaving, but also because of all that we so systematically and stubbornly refused to learn and re-learn – and rededicate ourselves to – during this most blessed month of Ramadan.

And I stand in awe of how God Almighty in this month of Al-Furqan has so clearly sorted out and separated those among us Muslims who stand on the side of Haqq, Truth, Justice – and God – from those who, fearing the loss of their worldly perks, dare not speak against Baatil, Falsehood, Injustice – and the Devil.

What Do I Tell the Ikhwan of Egypt?
What Do I Tell Dr. Mursi and Others?

So, what do I tell the people of Egypt?

What do I tell Dr. Mursi, quite likely the first truly democratically elected Muslim ruler after Umar bin Abdul Aziz, that people with Muslim names destroyed?

And who is now under death sentence, awaiting execution, in an Egyptian prison – along with many of his noble friends, fellow-leaders and party workers?

And what do I tell all those amazing leaders of the Ikhwan who revived in this day and age, for the whole world to see, the most vivid pictures of Sahaabah Kiraam, Radiyallahu Anhum?

Does Anyone Remember the Massacre of Rabe’a Square Any More?

Does anyone even remember what happened on that fateful day in Rabe’ah Square, Cairo, Egypt?

On that day, the so-called Muslim Egyptian military massacred in cold blood and in broad daylight upward of a1000 innocent Muslim men, women and children.

Was this also another day that will live in infamy forever?

But who among the Muslims remembers that day today? And who among the so-called Good Muslims will mourn those dead this Eid?

Or remember their families, if any left?

Or the mission of Peace, Truth and Justice – in a word, Islam – for which these noble individuals lived – and died?

Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

A day that so clearly set the Good Guys apart from the Bad Guys?

Call that day the Yawumul Furqan of our own time if you wish.

So, what do I tell the pure and fragrant Arwaah – souls – of all those countless unarmed, peaceful, civilian Muslim dead in the Rabe’ah Square in Cairo, and elsewhere, who were massacred by people with Muslim names, supported and financed by people with Muslim names, and blessed by Muslim shaikhs and so-called religious leaders with Muslim names and credentials?

And what do I tell all those most noble and fearless people who are rotting in Egyptian jails today undergoing daily torture at the hands of brutes with Muslim names?

And what do I tell all those Muslim women who are being subjected to rape by Egyptian thugs with Muslim names under government sanction and connivance and with support from other leaders and rulers elsewhere with Muslim names?

What greetings do I offer them?

Millions of Dollars to Serve Islam,
But Not a Word to Serve Al-Haqq– Or the Truth!

This Ramadan, as in previous months of Ramadan, Muslims, in America, UK, Europe and elsewhere, will go on frenetically raking in Zakat money and all kinds of other donations and tax-deductible charitable dollars from their fellow-Muslims in the name of serving Islam and Muslims.

To the tune of tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

And these Muslims will do all they can do to cozy up to all kinds of power-centers, both Muslim and non-Muslim, around the world, as they look to doing their next Islamic conferences and conventions; and building their new mosques and Islamic Centers; and launching their new “Islamic” projects and programs of all kinds.

But they will remain mostly silent on some of the most important issues and events of the day, including naming the names of the culprits and perpetrators with Muslim names that must be clearly identified and named if contemporary events and happenings have to make any sense to anybody.

And if they have to be understood in their proper perspective.

And if anyone is to learn the right lessons from them.

And if anyone is to be able to do anything really meaningful and effective to address and remedy them.

Almost all or most of these Muslims – call them Good Muslims if you will – will either remain silent or, at best, speak in tongues and euphemisms that no one can understand, when it comes to these things.

Truth Telling seems to have become a lost art among the Good Muslims of this generation.

For fear, most likely, of jeopardizing their take of millions of dollars which go to finance their “Islamic” activities and projects.

Man with a Strange Name!

Except, every now and then, maybe, for a mad man with a foreign name like Erdogan, who, I am told is more or less a lunatic and used to shooting his mouth without regard for consequences.

Except – except – that some of what comes out of the mouth of this raving individual sounds strangely, and powerfully, like Truth – a truth which most other Good Muslims seem never to have learned.

Or to speak which they never really cultivated the courage and the tact.

Or to avoid speaking which they simply buried their heads in the sands of dollars and forgot that it even exists.

And All This Time, a Lonely Path for Islam?

And, while these “Islamic” projects and activities are mushrooming everywhere, underwritten in large part by Zakat and other tax-deductible Muslim charitable money, Islam will go on, alone and unknown, on its solitary, lonely path that was predicted for it by Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, in the following immortal words:

Bada-al Islamu Ghareeban wa Sa-Ya’oodu Kamaa Badaa’.


“Islam began as a stranger! And a day will soon come when it shall return to being a stranger.”

And For the Lone Truth Tellers among Muslims?

And Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, then, goes on to offer his personal greetings and congratulations to those solitary truth-tellers among Muslims, maybe even with a strange name like Erdogan, who find themselves speaking what they think to be the truth – regardless of consequences.

Fa-Toobaa Lil-Ghurabaa!

These are the blessed words of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, that form the concluding part of this noble Hadith.


So, greetings and congratulations to those lonely souls who would end up being strangers in such trying times.


© 2015 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] AOL [dot] com or

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