To May 2017 Graduates: A Message from Dr. Pasha

May 15, 2017

A Message to Students — and Others

Below is something I told my students at the end of this past academic year 2017.

It will be wonderful, I think, that those of you who occupy any kind of leadership or education role in life will also share it with your own “students,” including, maybe, your own families — and invite discussion around it.

Here goes:

To May 2017 Graduates:
A Message from Dr. Pasha

May 15, 2017

Graduates and Not-So-Graduates!

Now that College is behind you, whether for just three months or forever, think. Thinking is good for you. In fact, thinking is what qualifies us all to be called “Human Beings.”

And thinking is education. 

College may be behind you, forever or just for now, but education is in front of you. Now is the time for you to learn everything that you did not learn till now: whether it was your own fault or the System’s. 

Remember Operator Error vs. System Failure? It is the same thing.

And then, of course, proceed to acquire all the wonderful perks of life and education: Health; Wealth; Success; Happiness and all that. And, if you can, do so Legally; Morally; and the Right Way.

For, there IS a right and a wrong way to do things. And in most cases the two paths are quite clear and luminous. 

Success, health, wealth and the rest will give you what you want in life — and what you should work for. All these things will make you feel great and wonderful. Not a doubt about it.

But, most likely, what will bring your inner self a deeper sense of joy, and a bit of truer contentment and peace, is when you live not just for yourself but also for others.

Adopt a worthwhile purpose, and work for it, and it will give your life a new meaning. Work to make this world a better place for all, your own life will become better in the process.

Besides drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, there is something else that gives people all the “high” they can handle: the power of thought and ideas.

From poetry to philosophy to science to math to Nature to pure contemplation of the challenges of life and its vicissitudes, engage your brain and it will take you places you never thought existed.

Ask all the questions you never asked, but you should have, and do not take “No!” for an answer. 

Look for answers, even if that takes a lifetime to find them. For, that is what it means to be human — and to be truly educated: To ask endless questions and to look for answers!

I would have said God Bless You, and Help You, and Guide You, but I am constrained by my duty to uphold the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, no matter in what small way: “Congress shall make no law respecting an Establishment of Religion.” 

Still, in a very secular sense, let it be said: May God Keep You and Be with You!

Dr. Pasha

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