To Muslims, a Frank Question:
Are We Men Enough -- And Women Enough? [Quote - 556]

Jul 29, 2014

To Muslims, a Frank Question:
Are We Men Enough -- And Women Enough? 

The question is this: 

This Eid

Eidul Fitr, 1435.

Are we men enough to do it?

And women enough?

To do what?

Get out on the Mall?

On the Day of Eid, and not a day or two later. 

And not after a week or two.

But on the very day of Eid.

And give out candy to the people you run into?

And tell them, as you do so, Eid Mubarak?

Are we men and women enough to do it?

I don't know what you would have done if you were a Muslim in Gaza?

Or in Egypt?

And I don't know why you are not there. But the fact is that you are not. 

You are somewhere else: safe, sound and secure.

In your air-conditioned comforts.

"Enjoying" Eid, as they say, with your families and friends.

Is that what people call "Fate"?

The fact that you are not on the Killing Fields of Gaza and the Torture Chambers of Egypt, but wherever you are -- safe and sound and comfortable.

Don't scientists and pseudo-scientists call this kind of thing "Chance"?

But being where we are, are we men enough and women enough to get out on the Mall on the Eid Day and give out candy and say Eid Mubarak to all the people we run into?

All the people who happen to walk into the Mall that day?

If this sounds to you as if I am challenging our Manhood -- and Womanhood -- and not our Deen or Iman, then you are right.

That is precisely what I am doing.

For, in the ultimate analysis, Islam is for Men and for Women who are real men and women. 

It is not for bums.


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