To Those Working for Allah,
A Primer on Writing E-Mails! [Quote – 770]

Dec 8, 2016

I wonder if there is any place in Paradise for people who all they did was teach people how to write e-mails.

And whether the concerned angels even know what this thing is about. And how to report it.

You know the Social Media stuff?

But, in any case, here is one more tip for would-be e-mail writers — those among them who say they Work for Allah.

Muslims that is.

For, the Corporations, especially American Corporations, are already on top of it. At least those of them that you may consider to be worth their salt.

They set the standards. Standards that pretty much run the world.

Muslims can criticize America and American Corporations all they want. But they will go farther in life if they learn from some of the better practices in America and in the American Corporate World.

I know it is a lot of hard work, but would it be better — more “Islamic” perhaps? — if, every time we write an e-mail, we change subject heading of e-mails to reflect actual content?

Does anybody think so?


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