To Would-be Muslim Leaders, a Reminder about Life after Death [Quote – 454]

To a lot of Muslims engaged in leadership activities in this world I wish to say this: Do keep in mind that there is Life after Death.

While this earthly life will pass, Life after Death will stay forever.

Therefore, even as you engage in pursuing your leadership dreams in this world, do not for one moment take your eye off that other life: Life after Death.

One simple way of making sure you do that is to keep your motives and intentions as pure as you possibly can.

Even though human actions are almost always creatures of mixed motivations, our test as true Muslims is the extent to which we struggle to make our motives pure.

The other test is to always try and speak the truth – to say the right thing, to the extent we can – even as we struggle, against all kinds of odds, to do the right thing.

When people try to hedge or muddle their speech to cover up or rationalize their confused or misguided actions, it is the beginning of a slippery slope that descends directly in damnation in Life after Death.


(Dr. Pasha)