Trash and Toxicity in the Name of Islam [Quote - 615]

Oct 24, 2015

I found this in my In-Box:

Are The Ahadith More Than Just Unreliable Hearsay?
(By Naseer Ahmed, New Age Islam)

The damage that the Ahadith do is multi fold. Since the Ahadith are full of contradictions and sometimes utter nonsense, a Muslim learns early that he should not expect his religion to either be logical or make sense. The environment is created for domination by the Sheikh ul Hadiths! A religion of reason has been reduced to a cult of nonsensical mumbo jumbo. The Ahadith are used as Furqan or criterion to abrogate verses of the Quran – the ultimate blasphemy! …..

These people keep sending me their stuff. Just look at the name: New Age Islam.

And then look at the association of those mean and denigrating words and ideas with the most noble, and after the Qur'an, the only, Treasure of Truth on this planet: the Hadith.

Just see in how many different ways, and from how many different angles, they attack the foundations of Islam and try to plant doubts and sow confusion in the minds of the Muslims!

It is a punishment for my sins that I should be the object of the dumping of this kind and level of trash and toxicity in my mailbox.


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