Trump Is a Continuation of the Obama-Sanders Revolution!

Jan 27, 2017


Trump Is a Continuation of the Obama-Sanders Revolution!

Dr. Pasha

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Life is full of revolutions. If only people had the eyes to see them. 

Asks the Qur’an Majeed — The Most Glorious Qur’an:

A-Fa-Laa Tubsiroon? 

“Don’t you see?”

But not everything in this world is seen with the two physical holes in your head — or is it your face? — called “eyes.”

There is a lot that is seen with and in the light of something called Iman: Faith, Belief, True and Unshakable Confidence in God!

And with and in the Light of Allah. The blazing radiance that Allah makes available to whom he wants and to those whose hearts are lit up with the light of Iman.

The light that fills the heavens and the earth:

Ashraqat Lahus Samaawaatu Wal Alrdu!

And the Qur’an says:

Allahu Noorus Samaawaati Wal Ardi!

For, these kind of people do not use flashlights powered by battery cells, they use the light of Allah.

Fa-Innahu Yanzuru Bi-Noorillah!

“For, such people see in and with the light of Allah.”

So, for those with eyes to see, those whose masters and worldly gods are not the media and think tank pundits and mercenaries, and those who are not in pockets of the Muslim little boys running around pretending to be Islamic Clergy and Islamic Chaplains with false titles such as Imam, those people can see, as clear as day, how the revolution continues.

When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, Americans came out in record numbers, and in all hues and colors and ages, and put him on top. 

What a glorious day it was for America! 

Americans were electing — now pay attention to my words — one of the most capable, most eloquent and most photogenic individuals that ever ran to be President of the United States of America.

Yes, America does have a thing for youth and good looks, other things being more or less equal of course.

Obama turned out to be one of the most powerful and effective public speakers America had ever seen. Nothing less than mesmerizing when he really got down to it. Even capable of evoking flash memories of Martin Luther King when he wanted to.

He was erudite and knowledgeable and thorough. At times nothing less than Kennedyisk without people even fully realizing it.

And he, Obama that is, at the same time, also unleashed one of the most organized and powerful campaigns in the history of American politics. Obama showed the world what a formidable campaigner he was.

Obama’s campaign slogans and themes — “Hope!” “Change!” “Yes, We Can!” “Fired Up! Ready To Go!” — delivered with the potent magic of his personality, fervor and charm, floored Americans of all races, genders, ages and political persuasions.

America stood at the cusp of a new dawn.

And, it also happened, that this one-in-a-billion kind of a man also just happened to be black — a non-white of mixed parentage, black and white, foreign and domestic.

America did not elect Barack Obama, as all kinds of idiots will tell you, because he was the first Black Man to run, but because he was head-and-shoulders one of the very best that ever ran, all the way from George Washington to George W. Bush.

As President, Obama won some, lost some. He largely squandered a bicameral majority in Congress. An intransigent Republican leadership blocked and stopped him at every stage.

And Obama himself got distracted and sidetracked by all kinds of narrow partisanship and rose-colored idealism.

America was boiling for another revolution: one that will drain the swamp in Washington, and that will take power from the hands of the corrupt politicians and mercenary consultants and return it to the American People.

A revolution that will show the corrupt and truth-challenged corporate Media and their overpaid and under-smart functionaries who was really boss.

Bernie Sanders flashed across the sky like a shooting star, brightening hope and kindling confidence in the hearts of tens of millions that maybe this was the promised messiah, before a corrupt political establishment of his own Democratic party shot him down.

Super Delegates! What a joke!

But the dreams and fires that Sanders lit in countless young and hopeful hearts continued to burn, fanned further by the flames of injustice that anyone could see how a rabidly corrupt and partisan political establishment had doomed the Sanders candidacy and thwarted the impending revolution.

A revolution, at least in some important ways, set in motion by none other than Obama.

It was time for a man exactly like Donald Trump to show up on the stage and do what he did: sweep the American imagination with hope for a vaguely defined but brilliantly lit new future. 

A future that America hoped would somehow be less corrupt; less crooked; less beholden to the influence of the powerful media and lobbyists, to the domination of the rich bankers and to the machinations of special interests without conscience or morality.

Trump won because America was ready for the revolution, which was not a new or different revolution, but a continuation of the same revolution of hope and change and can-do spirit that Kennedy had inspired and Obama had unleashed and whose flames Sanders had kept burning.

Americans saw in Trump a personal champion, a rank outsider, and a can-do kind of man: against political corruption; against media mendacity and make believe; against lobbying and think-tank stranglehold; and against continuing attrition of jobs, economic growth, national pride and prestige and personal elan, sense of well being and joie de vivre and faith in the future.

Rightly or wrongly, America took Trump as its savior and as its best hope to continue the revolution for good and for the better that America always hankered after. That shining city on the hill that everyone promised but few bothered to deliver.

So, contrary to what many see and say, Trump is not a contrarian from that point of view. And he is not a one-man wrecking crew to all that is good and nice and decent and noble in America and in the world. 

He is merely a continuation of the revolution of hope and change that we all seek and need and believe in.

From this point of view, Donald Trump may very well be our bridge to a better and more hopeful future — both for America and for the world. 

May God Almighty make him so.


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