Try to Please Allah, Not People! [Quote – 1048]

Jul 30, 2020

We all live among people. No Robinson Crusoe among us. No Hayy bin Yaqzwaan.

So, it is natural for us to try to please people and gain their approval. At least not to give them cause for fear or suspicion, hate or hostility toward us.

And since we are all fresh chicks just hatched out of the eggs of 500 years of the most brutal, barbaric, genocidal, humanicidalColonial Domination and Tyranny of every single aspect of our life, it is natural for us to Worship all things White, European, American.

God Bless America!

Self-Hate is a necessary and strong correlate of a Colonized, Tyrannized Mind.

But remember there is another side to this coin. While White European Colonization has dominated and tyrannized this world for the past half a millennium, God Almighty has owned and run this world from Infinity.

And it is his Writ -- God Almighty's Full and Unconditional Mandate -- that runs this world even today. 

As it will forever and ever and ever.

And while people may have all kinds of power and wealth to which most of us may genuflect, let us not forget that Allah has the kind of ever lasting and absolute power before which the angels, the sun, the moon, the stars and heavens and earth tremble and prostrate.

So, smart money says -- just a nice White Gambling Expression -- More than all the others, first and foremost, try to please Allah. He will make sure People are pleased with you too.

If not, you will win over neither the people, nor God. You will lose both.

Khasirad-Duniyaa wal Aakhirah!

That is Qur'an for: We will come out as Losers in both This World and the Next World.


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