Turning Mosques into Markets

Mar 3, 2024

Turning Mosques into Markets

February 2nd 2024

American Muslims have done everything they can to make Islam fit their ways: their Hawaa.

Many have turned Islam into a meal ticket, using the Deen to earn their Duniya.

Let me give an example. 

A clean, pure and sound heart is all Allah wants from us. 

Illa Man Atallaha Bi-Qalbin Saleem.

When so many people have so many places for everyone and everything, right here on Allah's earth, can't we have one little place dedicated to no one but Allah?

Wahdahu Laa Sharika Lahu.

Purely for Allah, without mixing our intentions with all kinds of personal and commercial and profit motives of any kind? 
We want to do business? Great, business is Islam. 

After all, Islam was started in Arabia by a set of Tajirs -- business people, such as Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam; Abu Bakr; Khadijah; Uthman and others. 


They all did business -- and they were some of the greatest business people of their time -- boldly and openly in the Market and not furtively and secretly in the Masjid, using Muslims as captives.

In fact, the very word Quraish means Business People: Tajirs.

But the place for Tijarah --conducting business -- is the Market, not the mosque and its premises. So, go to the Market and sell your wares, whatever they are. Compete with others and win or lose. 

That is Islam and, in fact, very good Islam.

Just because Muslims gather in large numbers in mosques, and on its premises on special occasions, do not take them as a Captive Market.

If you want to go to the Masjid, go with a pure and clean and sound heart. And, to the extent possible, not with mixed motives. Even though we all are creatures of mixed motives and none of us really has a pure heart.

Go to the Masjid to worship Allah. To do his Ibaadat.  Or to seek or impart Ilm: Knowledge. Keep all your business dealings in the Marketplace.

True, none of us has a pure and perfect heart. But we must all try and try and try, till Allah takes pity and blesses us with the gift of a pure, clean and sound heart.

If we win that prize from Allah, we do not need anything else.

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