Two Kinds of Obsession [Quote – 462]

Aug 13, 2013

Muslims can obsess with one of two things: themselves or the “Work,” as some have been calling it.

By Work is meant the direct personal responsibility many truly enlightened Muslims have assumed of explaining Islam to the whole world.

That means, as it were, taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it – and which one does not?

The difference, however, is this: When Muslims obsess with the Work – they are consumed by it I mean, as any decent human being will be by anything they really and truly care about – their “Self,” after a brief struggle, and a few nasty squeals, tucks its tail and follows in tow.

But when they begin to obsess with their “Self,” the self grows fatter by the minute, and the Work sits and suffers.

Elementary My Dear Abdul, Sherlock Holmes would have said.


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