Unveiling the Truth behind the Veil

Oct 30, 2006

Treatment of Islam and Muslims in the West

As for the treatment of Islam and Muslim immigrants in Britain, Europe and the West in general, it is, at least to some degree, the same old story of race-, wealth- and power-based duplicity, hypocrisy, cynicism and mendacity that have characterized the treatment of foreign lands, cultures and peoples by many in Western societies for centuries.

Soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was brought about in no small measure by Muslims and their mercenary use of political Islam as it is called, many in the West turned their attention to a systematic denigration, devaluation and disenfranchisement of Islam and Muslims on Western soil.

This followed a predictable pattern from country to country, society to society in the West. And the results were all the same: a cumulative and increasingly jarring negative environment for Islam and Muslims everywhere.

And the unstated logic was quite clear: either that or risk integrating vast alien hordes with their strange ways and foreign customs into the mainstream of Western racial and social mix, thereby fundamentally altering its composition and character, which might have meant more or less "Goodbye West!" as the West had known itself for centuries.

Add to this the thought of leaving Islam unchecked to run around and compete openly and freely in the Western marketplace of ideas, images and practices and you may have the makings of an unmitigated religious, cultural, social and political disaster on your hands.

A Boiling Cauldron of Discontent: Souls in Torment

The defeat and dismantling of Communism and its infrastructure and support system may have removed the lid from the ideological, cultural, religious and political cauldron of discontent, alienation and disaffection that was in different stages of boil throughout Britain and Europe, including Russia.

Even Japan and China were a part of this mix.

And these were all souls in torment. They had gone through various stages of painful change over the past several decades and had ended up with virtually nothing. All of a sudden they woke up to the dawn of a new era in which their knowledge was zero; their politics was shallow; their religion was empty; their leadership was below par; their souls were in anguish; and they had nowhere to turn to.

A deep psychological, moral and spiritual hunger had Britain, Europe and Russia, and even Japan and China, in its grip, and active disaffection with traditional Christian religion was palpably on the rise everywhere, leaving the entire post-Communist world uniquely vulnerable to Islam's allure.

The United States is a somewhat different story, which I will address sometime in future, should God Almighty enable me to do so.

So, what was the poor West to do?

West's Experience with Nazism, Fascism and Soviet Communism

Hence, to many of the rich, the powerful and the well-educated in the West, all indications pointed to one solution. And it was a solution with which the West had some experience in the past.

And that solution was to mobilize the West's experience in dealing with Nazism, Fascism and Soviet Communism and use it to roll back the advancing tide of Islam and Muslims in the West.

Two things helped.

One, it was extremely helpful that the Muslims were by and large clueless about much of what was going on around them.

Two, Muslims were busy as usual being all too human and all too Muslim - running after name, fame, wealth and power.

So, as the vice tightened around them, the Muslims had no idea what had hit them.

Some Western "Contributions" to Human History

While many highly educated and powerful people in the West level all kinds of charges and accusations against Islam and Muslims, at times without offering a scintilla of evidence, except their own incestuous quoting of one another from time to time, there are one or two things the Muslims can say about the West that are not terribly flattering.

And sometimes it may be necessary to point out these things if for no other reason than to lift the spirit of the Muslims who may be scraping the barrel of despondency and gloom under the unremitting blitz of anti-Muslim and anti-Islam propaganda that is presently blanketing the world.

Another useful purpose may be to hold a mirror to some of the more strident anti-Islam and anti-Muslim elements in the West in the hope that it will give them a better sense of truth and fairness.

And toward this end, the Muslims must point out that Nazism, Fascism and Soviet Communism are all uniquely Western "contributions" to human history and civilization.

And they are in addition to the West's earlier "accomplishments" such as the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Colonization and the Proselytization through conquest or inducement of conquered populations by Christian missionaries.

Code Noir: The Black Code

In addition, the Muslims may point out, the West also gave the world something called Code Noir - the Black Code - that was promulgated by Louis XIV of France toward the end of the 17th Century.

Here, according to the Imperial Decree quoted by some sources, is some of what the French Black Code had to offer the world:

We enjoin all of our officers to chase from our islands all the Jews who have established residence there. As with all declared enemies of Christianity, we command them to be gone within three months of the day of issuance of the present order, at the risk of confiscation of their persons and their goods.

And here is some more of what the French Black Code had to say:

All slaves that shall be in our islands shall be baptized and instructed in the Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. We forbid any religion other than the Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith from being practiced in public. We desire that offenders be punished as rebels disobedient of our orders.

Demonizing Islam and Muslims

So when some people in the Western portals and hierarchies of power, politics, government, media, academe, industry, research, think tanks and wealth decided on turning back the tide of Islam and Muslims, their obvious method of choice was systematic demonization of Muslims and Islam using every trick in the book.

But whether you call it propaganda, spin or simple communication, the message was unmistakable: Muslims are bad and Islam is foolish, fanatical, backward and bizarre.

With honorable exceptions, the various official circles of government, media, culture, academe and private anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic industry in the West broadly coalesced in the formation and dissemination of this message.

God Almighty's earth and air were filled with millions upon millions of words, voices, sounds and images, all directed at the single aim of taking a bite out of Islam and forcing the Muslims to accept a second-class pariah status in their own Western lands of adoption or birth.

Muslims were now being very quickly and successfully turned into second class citizens in their own newly minted Western homes. They were now fast becoming the new Jews of Europe and new Blacks of America, a land of opportunity, freedom and equality where many Muslims had buried their heads deep in the sand and thought nothing bad would ever happen to them.

Western Amnesia of Its Colonial Past

What many in the West conveniently forget is that many of the modern Muslim immigrants - and their Islamic ways - may be the chickens of Western Colonialism and Imperialism coming home to roost.

For centuries, the West invaded, conquered, plundered and controlled practically the entire Muslim world. In its aftermath, if ever there was an aftermath in the sense of the West's complete and real dissociation from the Muslim world, the West left a trail of poverty, hunger, disease, disgruntlement and a volatile mix of mutually hostile and warring nations, societies and entities, and corrupt puppet regimes, within the artificial national boundaries the West often selfishly and arbitrarily imposed upon its former colonies.

That, if anyone really cared to know, is where much of the modern-day Muslim immigrant flood has its roots. And it is exacerbated by the West's insatiable need for cheap labor and what many in the poorer parts of the world see as an economic opportunity.

Once again, many in the West forget that it was the West that brought in the Kashmiri Muslim workers to man its factories in Britain. And it was also the West that brought in the Turkish Muslim guest workers to rebuild Germany from the ruins of World War II.

So, it is important to understand the history of the West's past engagement with the Muslim world if we are to get a proper understanding of its present encounter with it.

The Other Side of the Story: Who Should Care about the Europeans?

At the same time, someone somewhere, the Muslims more than anyone else, because that is why Allah created them, must also understand the confusion, pain, paranoia and anguish of the ordinary Europeans in the face of this sudden and unprecedented influx of foreigners in their midst.

The ordinary Germans, the Danes, the Spaniards, the Swiss, the British, the French and all the others throughout Europe: who has ever cared about their feelings and talked to them in a caring and proper manner and provided them systematic orientation about all the cataclysmic changes that were taking place in the world and right at their doorstep?

Most politicians in the world seek political gain. Most ordinary people in the world pursue self interest. So, who in this world is supposed to care about people - about other people? About all people everywhere, including the European people, on their own soil?

Khair Ummat: A Nation Created for Other People

In the midst of all this global turmoil, where were those people, whom Allah says pointedly in the Qur'an, he created for the sake of other people? Where were the Muslims when the world needed them?

Where were those "who were specifically created for An-naas," when An-naas were desperately looking for them?

Hear Allah say it in the Qur'an in his own words, in what is probably the only statement of its kind in the entire world: Kuntum khaira ummatin ukhrijat linnaas. Paraphrase: You are the best and finest nation specifically designed and created for "the people."

Why was this Khair Ummat not thinking about the Europeans and their plight? Why was this Khair Ummat missing in action?

Why had it become part of the problem instead of being the solution that God Almighty meant it to be?

Why was and is this Ummat so clueless?

Someone much smarter and better than me had put it much earlier in much more stark and powerful language. Addressing the people of India - Hindostan - Iqbal, Allah bless him, had said a 100 years ago: "Na samjhogay to mit jaa-o-gay aiy Hindostan waalo!" Paraphrase: If you don't understand, you will be wiped out.

What can I possibly say that will be clearer, stronger or more effective than what Iqbal said a full century ago?

Frankfurt Airport: A Seething Sea of Immigrants

Let me give one example. The airport was Frankfurt International in Germany. The time was around 1991 or so. I had my boys with me and we were returning from the Middle East and a few other places. What greeted us was quite a sight.

Practically every inch of the airport was packed with people. Not with Germans but with people of every other description from around the world, decked out in the most impressive and colorful of their native sartorial display and speaking in the panoply of the native tongues Allah had blessed them with.

It hit me like a hard punch to the mouth. And I did what people often blame me of doing. I asked an improbable question.

I asked myself how an average German person would feel at this sight. And I did manage to flush out a couple of Germans and asked them. First they were coy and reluctant to talk. Then they opened up. It was hard for them to swallow what was happening to their society, they said, with shallow smiles hiding deeper pain, confusion and resentment.

It was then that I began to wonder how I would react if I were in their place. And I began to do what I always do when faced with a tough situation: immediately start looking for a solution.

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