Vatican Cardinal:
Humanity Is Facing ‘Tsunami of Humanitarian Crises’ [Quote – 1035]

Cardinal Turkson spoke these words during a July 7 Vatican press briefing, in which he added that the world is currently “facing one of the worst humanitarian crises since the Second World War.”

The above headline and words were taken from a news report. And media reports are what they are. A little bit of truth professionally and perfectly blended with a lot of other things in the pursuit of profit, power and other considerations.

And, indeed, those words, spoken by the Cardinal in Vatican, are as true as the sun in the sky and the water in the ocean. Who could possibly doubt the truth of these words.

The Qur’an clinched this matter a long time ago, analytically and empirically, when it declared, more than 1400 years ago on this earth:

Innal Insaana La-Fi Khusr!


Human life is nothing but one crisis after another, each more serious than the other, and each more terrible and devastating than the other.”

But the thought that eats me up is this: Isn’t there a single voice — maybe there is and I don’t hear it, and I don’t know it — that would tell a benighted humanity that given the cascading of these crises, maybe, just maybe, it is time for the human race to start reflecting on their lives?

And on their actions? On all they do and all they don’t.

And then maybe start thinking of repenting for what they think they may be doing wrong?

Seriously reflecting on all the things they have been doing, let us say, or not doing, for the past 50 years or more, or less.

Let me jump start the process and let others take it up from there:

  1. The Bible says God Is One. We say God is Three. And God has a family consisting of a father, a mother and a begotten divine baby.
  2. The Bible says do not make images or icons of anything on land, or in the air, or in water and start bowing down to them in reverence and worship. And we have filled our places of worship with precisely those objects.
  3. And the list is goes on.
  4. And Allah says in the Qur’an that Allah made the Believers the Voice of Truth and Justice — God’s Witnesses — on this earth. 

Shuhadaa-a Lillah!

And what are the Believers — Muslims — doing? 

The best among them are mostly hiding in their mosques, measuring the drapes for their multiple mansions in Paradise.

And these wonderfully “Pious” and Religious people are busy whiling away their time listening to endless hours of pontification, on some of the most exotic and abstruse topics, unrelated to contemporary reality that surrounds them, by some of their lowest-denomination professional pretenders and posturers with lofty Christian-sounding titles, while they make the cream of the crop of their own younger generations medical doctors and other types of worldly wizards.

No one issues a call to cease and desist. 

No one calls for Repentance

And there is no talk of accountability anywhere, on anyone’s part.

So, why is this Cavalcade of Crises that the good Vatican Cardinal is invoking not a surprise to me? And why is Coronavirus, and other plagues and pestilences not a surprise either?

Don’t we read the Bible?

Or the Qur’an?

Don’t we know what happened to the Pharaoh and his people when they knowingly and willfully persisted in flouting and violating God Almighty’s Commandments that Allah’s Great Messenger Moses, Alaihis Salam, brought to them?