Wages of Haqq Could be Death [Quote – 757]

Nov 15, 2016

The Bible says “Wages of Sin Is Death.”

But from the perspective of the Qur’an, wages of Truth could also be death.

Islam is Truth.

And God is Truth.

Qur’an uses the expression Haqq.

And Allah’s name is Haqq.

So, when you pursue truth; and you speak truth; and you try to live by truth, you may rub a lot of people the wrong way. 

You may pose a threat to the existing power structure — to the status quo as it were.

It causes all kinds of anxiety — economic, political, psychological, professional, financial, military and all other kinds — to all kinds of people.

And the forces of Status Quo galvanize themselves and will want to stop you, punish you and prevent your nefarious influence from spreading to others. They would want to limit damage and protect themselves and their interests.

So, they will hound and harass you; impose all kinds of sanctions on you; and, if they can and must, they will seek to physically eliminate you.

Hang you; shoot you; blow you up; poison you; give you cancer; toss you in the ocean alive from an airplane.

The Qur’an calls these things Sunnatullah — the way of God Almighty.

Your reward for going through these things is Jannat.

And possibly Ridwaanullah!

So, those who say they Work for Allah, must wake up — and smell the colors and fragrance of Jannat.


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