The Way Allah Does Things [Quote – 632]

Dec 8, 2015

Most people do not understand that Allah has his own way and his own meticulous calculus of doing things.

Therefore, what happens in the world is what Allah decides should happen. And it does not always coincide with what you and I wish would happen.

And it is all to the good!

Therefore, to submit to Allah’s decision, and to accept it with an open heart, and in fact to rejoice in it and to celebrate it, is a level of Iman that is much to be envied and that is not given to all.

So, people, let us all go back to the drawing board and retool. Let us learn to understand and accept and enjoy and celebrate Allah’s decisions for us, and for his world, even as we work day and night to help to make his world a better place, in itself and for all of this creation.


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