We Are Accountable – before God and His Creation [Quote – 435]

May 31, 2013

Accountability is a most important aspect of a Muslim’s life. And this accountability is not just before God Almighty, the Creator. It is also before each and every one of his creation.

Because God’s creation has a stake in what goes on. And it is deeply vigilant.

And it shall deliver its findings – and render evidence – before God Almighty as he requires and enables it to do.

So, as believers – as Muslims – we must be keenly aware and appreciative of the fact that we are surrounded by a billion eyes and a trillion ears, and an untold number of recording devices, each registering and documenting in meticulous and excruciating detail, and with the greatest accuracy and fidelity, everything we do.

So much so, our own skins, with their millions of pores and cells, shall speak for or against us on the Day of Judgment. We shall then express surprise and say “Why are you speaking against us?”

To this, our skins shall respond saying: “The same God who gave speech to everything also gave us the ability to speak!”

Meaning, why the surprise. Why indeed!

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