We Are Working for Allah! [Quote - 552]

Jun 22, 2014

Those of us who are in any form or shape affiliated with this work that we have been calling Working for Allah are standing at a crossroad. Each and everyone of us must, therefore, stand before their God -- Rabbus Samaawaati Wal-Ard (Master of Heavens and Earth) -- and ask themselves: "Where do I go from here?"

This work does not belong to any individual, group or organization. It is the personal and most important responsibility of each and everyone of us, male as well as female. 

Our commitment, when we first gave it, was to God Almighty, and not to individual human beings like ourselves. And it is he, God Almighty, and not just our fellow-workers for Allah and others, who monitors our activities on a day-to-day basis.

As a result, the accounting for our commitment, and for all we do or do not do, will also be before God. And not before a court consisting only of our fellow-humans and fellow-workers.

That means one day we will all stand before God and answer for all we did or for all we did not do -- and what reason.

But that also means that we are also answerable to the people in whose midst we live and work -- our fellow-workers for Allah and others. 

And God also has a way of holding us accountable right here in this world -- before we die and depart this world. 

Please read the Aayah that starts with Quli'amalu Fasayarallahu 'amalakum ...

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