We Use “History” To Understand the Present —
And Illumine the Future [Quote – 729]

Sep 7, 2016

This work is about Allah. And it is not about anyone of us as individuals or groups.

And it is not about our kith and kin.

And this work is not even about our community or society.

This work is purely about Working for Allah — wherever and whenever we are on God Almighty’s earth.

And doing it the best way we can possibly understand or know how.

And to tell you the truth, as they say, nothing else matters: not us; not our friends and relatives; not anyone else; not our lives; or careers; or anything else.

The only thing that matters is that we do the Work right — and well.

As a result, when, from time to time, we use references to the past, we do so, purely to provide perspective on the work. We do it to make our work understood better by us — today and tomorrow. 

Because, if we do not understand the true nature of our work, the best of us will remain episodic workers at best — for ever.

So, our references to the past, then, whenever they occur, are to provide perspective on our work: how it started; where it moved; how it sputtered; and how it “succeeded” or failed.

And where it is headed tomorrow — in the future.

If we study he Qur’an carefully, we would know how the Qur’an uses the past to understand the present and illumine the path to the future.

Seeroo Fil Ardi Fanzuroo Kaifa Kaana ‘Aaqibatul Mujrimeen.


Travel around and see what lessons the past holds for you 
— how the criminals finally ended up;
And what fate they met.”


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