Western Aggression Is the Cause of Middle East Violence [Quote - 971]

Jan 11, 2020

All that violence in what is called the Middle East is caused by one simple fact: Western Aggression.

It is caused by one Western Nation after another, from Italy to England, and from France to America, committing aggression after aggression, against one Middle Eastern society after another.

That is what is causing all that violence in the broader Middle East, with its repercussions spilling over to other parts of the world.

Don't get it? Just go figure whose armies and navies and airforces and drones are attacking whom and where? 

Western militaries and their lethal hardware, from bombs to jets to drones to missiles, are reigning perpetual death and destruction on every single Muslim country in the wider Middle Eastern Region: Iraq; Somalia; Afghanistan; Syria; Libya and everywhere else. 

And it is not the other way around. Meaning: It is not the militaries from Middle Eastern countries that are invading England, France, Italy, Spain or America.

And the reason why Western Militaries are attacking Muslim Middle East is simple: Greed. And it is not to protect themselves from some wild ogres and gargoyles hiding in the Middle East.

Stated plainly, it is the West's insatiable hunger for conquest and domination, and for territory, wealth and natural resources from oil to minerals to everything else, that is driving this violence.

It is as simple as that. The equation is simplicity itself: Western aggression = violence in the world.

Solution? Stop Western aggression against Muslim Middle East, violence will end. 

Maybe then nations and societies can start thinking about living in peace.


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