What Allah Wants Is What His People Will Do:
How Hard Is That To Get? [Quote – 742]

Oct 25, 2016

Allah bless all the Coworkers and their families and their leadership for the amazing work they all do. Getting our literature revised and proofread and printed.

And all our audio recorded, shipped, cleaned, debugged and posted.

Month after month, year after year.

These amazing men and women. All over the world. Allah bless them all.

No, often these days I do not read the proof. I try not to. But may Allah reward these people who do. And may Allah accept their efforts.

I do hope and pray, however, people will read this literature and listen to our tapes. For, this material indeed is unlike any, no matter how you look at it.

And it is fundamental to a clearer understanding of Islam, Muslims and the World in our time.

The fact is, people will read and listen, if he wants.

And if they don’t, well, it is his world. And they are his people.

As for me, I feel I don’t even belong. Just like an outsider looking in. I seem to have nothing in common with this august assembly of his devotees. 

Others may have a claim on him, I don’t. If the angels forget to count me as among those present, I will probably be the happiest soul alive — or dead.

MIA: Missing in Action! I have no problem with that.


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