Regardless of Who You Are,
What Can You Do to Help the 
Helpless People of Kashmir?

Aug 6, 2019


Regardless of Who You Are,
What Can You Do to Help the 
Helpless People of Kashmir?

(With a Quick Revision)

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

To all the most respected Members of the Muslim Community in America and Elsewhere.

And to all the just and fair-minded people of America in general, both inside and outside America.

And to all the decent people of Indian Origin of all faiths and castes and ethnicities everywhere.

And to all the folks in the Media throughout the world, who do understand and embrace the lofty and primordial role of the Media as ever-vigilant sentinel duty guarding the most legitimate interests of society and humanity everywhere, and as fearless Watchdog Function monitoring and highlighting the dubious actions and policies of erring governments and powerholders anywhere.

And to all the intellectuals and academics and professional classes of the world.

May the Lord Almighty bless you, and your families, and your homes, and your businesses, and may he also guide you and help you to do the right thing as you see fit in the depths of your own soul and conscience. 

It certainly is no skin off my nose, as they say, if God Almighty chooses to do so. 

After all, the Qur'an describes God, the Almighty, as not only the Most Merciful and Ever-Loving, and as Even More Merciful and Ever-Loving, but also as someone whose unbounded Love and Mercy envelop and permeate everyone and everything.

Here are the words, direct from the Qur'an:

Wa Rahmatee Wasi'at Kullah Shaiy'.

Kindly allow a member of all-of-the-above-named communities submit a few things to your kind consideration. 

I am no politician. And I have carefully cultivated a lifelong habit of not commenting on most Muslim or non-Muslim political happenings around the world. Not because I do not know what is going on. But, often maybe, because I know too much. And do not wish, at this time, to take on things that I cannot do justice to.

Even in our website WWW.IslamicSolutions.Com, for nearly 20 years, I have diligently adhered to a carefully considered policy of limiting my writings to a rigorous explication of Islam's Core Concepts, small and big. 

Because that is where I believe the real action is today: clearly grasping the Central Concepts of Islam. And will be for the foreseeable future. 

Meaning, the world's biggest problem today is not "Action," as most people seem to think, even though it is, but "Understanding." I am fairly clear in my mind today, Alhamdulillah, that once Muslims understand clearly the basic teachings and requirements of Islam, many of them will rush to do the right thing.

And if the Non-Muslims of the world understand what real Islam is all about, the attitude and behavior of many of them will change to be more tolerant of Islam and supportive of Muslims. And significant numbers of them will rush to do the right thing by Islam and Muslims.

Otherwise, if all we are talking about is "Muslim Issues and Problems," it is always likely to be a fight based on hearsay and about she said, he said, who said and all that.

Yet, a few weeks ago, I took the bold step of encouraging a certain Muslim Community in America to attend Pakistan Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan's lecture in Washington DC, because I knew it would be a historic event.

And by all accounts Mr. Khan's rally in Capital One Arena turned out to be a remarkable event. In fact, by some accounts, it was better than what any world leader had been able to accomplish to date in this nation's capital.

Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, told Mr. Khan that the crowd at the rally gave him a "Rock Star Treatment." 

Not bad for a dejected and depressed community like Muslims, that is beaten over the head by everyone all the time over every real or fictitious charge, to see one of their leaders give such a creditable account of themselves in public, and be hailed by everyone, including Mr. Pompeo and Mr. Trump, the US President, in that extraordinary and admiring fashion.

So, Mr. Khan's DC visit, and his "Rock-Star" performance at the Capital One Arena, were clear morale boosters for the much-maligned and much-deprived Muslims, regardless of their nationalities, ethnicities and political proclivities. At least for those among them who had bothered to remove their blinders and rub off the decades -- even centuries -- of sleep from their eyes.

It was a clear Public Relations triumph of colossal proportions by just about any standard, popular or professional, local or international.

But a Muslim's life is nothing if not an unending series of trials and tribulations, coming directly from Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

So, now, all of a sudden, something else is happening on the Indian Subcontinent which may have serious global implications, and to which, in my view, the Muslim Community in any part of the world, across all its multiple and diverse nationalities and ethnicities, cannot remain indifferent. 

And it is just the opposite of what Mr. Khan's stellar performance in Washington DC had achieved. From a simple human point of view, it may very well be one of the worst things that may have happened to the Muslims over the past 100 years.

And I don't think the impact and implications of this terrible event would be limited to one segment or group of Muslims -- or human beings. The direct consequences as well as the ripple effects of this event may extend to envelop many people in many parts of the world.

And guess what? Muslims -- and other humans -- can bury their heads in the sands all they want, but Allah's Decree has a way of catching up with them. This one will too. 

Just as Allah's Decree caught up with the Muslims -- and with the rest of the world -- in the form of the events of the so-called 9-11 and their unspeakably horrendous aftermath. The story of the world, both Muslim and Non-Muslim, over the past nearly 20 years, has mostly been one of the unfolding of the consequences and implications of those events, for Muslims as well as for the Non-Muslims of this world.

And now, this is what is happening on the border between India and Pakistan, one of the most sensitive, volatile and combustible borders anywhere in the world. 

All of a sudden, in the past two days, India has, in a sense, annexed the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir. By a presidential decree, India has canceled a special provision in the Indian Constitution called Article 370, which gave Hindu India's only Muslim majority state certain special protections such as, for example, safeguarding the Muslim Majority status of that state.

According to Article 370, non-Kashmiris were not allowed to buy property in Kashmir, giving native Kashmiris the guarantee that their ancestral land will forever be theirs, and wealthy outsiders would not flood into the state to disenfranchise them through sweeping land acquisition.

India and Pakistan, both nuclear-armed, have fought at least two bloody wars over the issue of Kashmir. Luckily for them, and for the world, this happened before they both acquired nuclear weapons. 

It is part of the overall picture of Kashmir being a disputed territory between India and Pakistan.

And now both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers, with a fairly sizable arsenal of nuclear weapons in the possession of both of them, which makes the situation radically different. 

So, God Help the people of India and Pakistan! And God Help the people of Kashmir. And God help the Human Race! 

And God Help the Muslims of India, Pakistan and Kashmir, and of the World, under whatever sands they may have heads buried.

And now in its attempt to annex the disputed territory of Kashmir, India has imposed an information blackout throughout the state of Jammu and Kashmir; suspended the Internet; placed local leaders under house arrest; and posted massive military reinforcements. It is fair to conclude that the stage is set for a massive bloodbath to be unleashed on the Muslim men, women and children of Kashmir, should they dare to lift even a finger in protest.

And from Kashmir, this vicious bloodletting will spread to other parts of India, in which thousands of defenseless Muslim men, women and children will be massacred throughout India in wave after wave of so-called "riots."

This devilish and perverse term "Riots" is a sadistic euphemism that Indian media and Influencers use for state-organized mass lynch-fests targeting Muslims by barbaric Hindu mobs under police protection and at times under police direction and leadership.  

Both Mr. Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, and Mr. Amit Shah, the Indian Home Minister, are highly experienced and highly skilled in massacring innocent and defenseless Muslim Citizens of India, en mass, often in genocidal proportions, going back to the so-called Gujarat Riots.

Evidently, this act by India is illegal according to its own Constitution. Because the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to the Indian Union had occurred under the explicit and guaranteed protection of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

It is also contrary to all the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council over the past 70 years, since India's Independence, calling for a Referendum to poll the Kashmiri people and find out if they want to join India or Pakistan or become an independent state all by themselves. 

The least the Muslims of America can do in this regard is to dedicate the coming Jum'ah Khutbah to this event. Make special announcements in Masjid after Jum'ah and on other occasions. Organize group prayers for the defenseless Muslims of Kashmir whenever and wherever they can.

Beyond that, Muslims of America must also hold Teach-In sessions for the larger American Community, whenever and wherever they can. 

And they must also write to their Congressmen and Congresswomen, as well as to their Senators and Governors and Mayors, informing them of the situation and asking them to condemn and protest this illegal annexing of the state of Jammu and Kashmir by the present Indian government.

Muslims of America must also make telephone calls to the White House, and write to President Trump demanding that he put pressure on India to rescind its illegal annexation of the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir and use every means and power at the disposal of the government of the United States of America to protect the lives and properties of the beleaguered Muslims of Kashmir in particular and of India in general.

It is never too late to make a stand against the genocide of Indian Muslims.


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