What Do Muslims Really Want? [Quote – 1087]

Apr 20, 2021

Someone, somewhere should ask this question: 

What Do Muslims Really Want?

Or, stated alternatively, someone should ask: 

What Is the Muslim Agenda in This World?

I think, personally, these questions are not only fair but also timely, and, if you ask me, quiet pressing. Even though I don’t hear either of these two questions being tossed around much in Muslim circles.  

Frankly, not even once have I heard either of these two questions asked by anyone in a Muslim gathering of any kind, formal or informal, large or small.

And these two questions are actually both the same: They are two variants of one single question.

As for me, I live, and, as they say, learn. And everything new I learn leaves me stunned. 

And here is one.

It has become clear to me that there should be a book called: How Muslims Lost The Arabic Language. 

But who will write such a book, and does anyone even care? That is why to me a good question is: What do Muslims really want?

What is the Muslim Agenda in and for this world?

Another book should address the question: What books, if any, do Muslims read? 

And what books, if any, have Muslims read — in the past one week, one month, one year?

Long time ago, if I recall right, I even started something called A Muslim Book Club.

So, what do Muslims want? Other than Jannat, that is. 

But in the meantime, what happens to them — Muslims — while they are still in this world? 

And what happens to this world? 

God Almighty’s world which God Almighty placed in their care and trust when he declared he was appointing them as his Khalifah or Manager in this world.

Innee Jaa-‘ilun Fil Ardi Khaifah.

So, Islam is all a joke and a hobby then?

And a supposed ferocious pursuit of Next Life (Aakhirah) without any regard for This Life (Duniya)?


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