What Is in a Title? [Quote - 965]

Jan 8, 2020

Sometimes a great deal, frankly.

While so many titles are earned or conferred by worldly agencies, some academic, some political, there seems to be one title that strikes me as having its roots deeply set in the Qur'an.

And in the Hadith.

And that title is "Brother," as applied to a fellow Muslim, a fellow believer, a fellow human being.

And "Sister."

Hear the Qur'an say it:

Innamal Mu'minoona Ikhwah!

And see the Hadith put it:

Koonoo Ibaadallahi Ikhwaanaa!

What a Deen! What a system of belief and behavior!

And of social cohesion and emotional solidarity and bondedness!

And how blessed are we to be a part of it, which is purely a gift to us from Allah. For, it was never in our power to get to it all by ourselves.

Wa Maa Kunnaa Linahtadiya Lawu Laa An Hadaanallah!


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