What Is It We Are After? [Quote - 543]

Apr 14, 2014

Those of us who think or say we are "Working for Allah," what is it that we want?

Answer: We want to teach the world -- Muslims as well as non-Muslims -- what Islam is all about on a day-to-day basis, and in a practical way.

That is what we are after and that is what we want to do.

We want to change the entire culture of ignorance and misunderstanding. And lethargy and apathy and indifference.

And using the Qur'an -- Islam -- as basis, we want to tell the world that there is a better way of doing things. And that way is Islam.

Not in terms of blanket, broad or sweeping statements of principle in an abstract way, but in the form of some very specific, concrete and practical issues.

Even though we will outline and state abstract theoretical principles when that becomes necessary.

Like, for example, the issue of "Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and Which One Does Not?" The point is, who is supposed to do it?

Who is responsible for this work?

And do you think that this is a part-time pursuit, when Allah says in the Qur'an it better be a full-time deal and when Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, spent every minute of his life doing it?

That is one very specific question, with a very clear focus.

So, who is supposed to do it?

Our argument is, "You are!" whoever you may be -- man or woman; rich or poor; good or bad: You Are Supposed to Do It!

Who else?

And then only recently we raised another issue -- an issue we don't think Muslims think about it even in their dreams. An issue that never, to the best of my knowledge and recollection, ever made the Muslim agenda in any shape or form. 

Not in their writings that I know of. Not in their conversations that I have ever been a part of.

We want to ask the "Good People," those people who think or say they are "Working for Allah," did you ever stop and think what happens when you don't do your work. 

Or when you delay or slow your work? Or when you do it only when it is safe and convenient and pleasant and easy and comfortable?

The world pays the price of your action and inaction and the price of your doing things slow or fast and how well or badly you do the things you do.

That is what happens.

In this way, we are calling on people of the world, especially the so-called "Good People," to think along some new lines -- think in terms of the consequences of their actions -- and their inaction.

And then recently we also pointed out -- the world never thought about it to the extent we know -- look, no matter how well you do your job, you are already 50 if not 100 years late.

Generations of people have died without ever hearing the name of God with their ears and without ever seeing a copy of the Qur'an with their eyes.

Who is responsible for that?

Naturally, most of us were not around then. But do we get the point I am making: We are playing catch-up with time. We are running after a fast-moving train to overtake it. How fast and how desperately do you think we must run?

So, our goal is education. 

And we are after waking up the whole world -- Muslim and non-Muslim parts of it -- to the terrible conditions in which we all live and calling on them to awake and change their condition. 

For, God Almighty will not change our condition unless we get up and decide to attend to it ourselves.

We are fortunate that Allah looks at our intentions and our efforts and not at the results, fruits and final outcomes of our actions. 

Otherwise our fish will really be fried. Or should I, out of deference to her majesty whose language everybody says English is, say our goose will truly be cooked?

So, that is who we are and that is what we are really after: Educating, waking up and changing the whole world. 

Nothing less.


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