What Muslims Have Done to Islam [Quote - 658]

Feb 8, 2016

by Kalamazad  Mohammed

It’s interesting, to say the least, how Muslims have restricted Islam to Salaat and Siyaam -- praying and fasting.

And may be a Hajj -- or two. And any number of Umrahs.

Whatever happened to the job of inviting others to Allah, which always was, and which always must be, a part and parcel of being a Muslim? 

This most important requirement of Islam -- taking the message of Islam to the whole world -- is not done with any concerted effort. 

Who is worried these days about bringing new Muslims into Islam; about educating them in all that they need to know about Islam; and about training them to be good Muslims, good and productive members of the societies in which they live, and overall good human beings in every conceivable way.

The way Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was throughout his life!

And how beautifully the Qur'an -- God Almighty himself -- testifies to that fact: 

Wa Innaka La-Alaa Khuluqin Azeem!

Dr. Pasha's paraphrase:

"And what a marvelous character you possess!"


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