What the Media Call Hindu or Indian Nationalism
Is in Reality Fascism of the 21st-Century [Quote – 947]

When Hitler and his Nazi hordes did it, they called it Nazism and mobilized the whole world to fight it.

When Mussolini and his Fascist mobs did it, they called it Fascism and hanged them in public.

Now that Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and their fanatical mobs of Bharatya Jan Sangh and its ideological parent RSS suppress dissent, persecute minorities and publicly lynch and massacre innocent civilians, the media and others call it Hindu Nationalism.

The world is witnessing the rise of one of the worst Fascist regimes in the world in India today. The consequences of ignoring the rise of this 21st-Century Fascism in India, and whitewashing it by calling it Indian Nationalism or Hindu Nationalism, will be clear for all to see within the next several months. 

And then it will be too late to do anything about it.