When Allah Has Issues with People [Quote – 611]

Oct 8, 2015

There are all kinds of people in this world.

There are those with whom Allah is pleased. They are the people who have really made it in this world.

Theirs is a story of success and joy.

Ulaa-i-ka Humul Muflihoon.

And then there are those with whom Allah has issues.

Not really the kind with whom Allah is totally displeased. And who then are subject to Allah’s wrath.

And who are lost without hope.


Ghairil Maghdoobi Alaihim!
Wa Laddaalleen!

But people for whom there still is some hope, no matter what a tiny fraction that hope maybe.

They are people whose chain Allah yanks a little bit. They are people whose attention Allah wants to get.

They are people to whom Allah wants to give another chance. It is a kind of a silent but persistent ringing of the alarm clock, trying to wake you up for Fajr (Morning) Prayer when you don’t really want to get up.

And, Allahu Akbar, how many chances does Allah give us! Every moment and every situation in our life.

Every single one of us!

A little bit of gratefulness will go a long way. But we all know who we really are as people, as a species: miserable, ungrateful wretches.


Innal Insaana La-Zaloomun Kaffar!


“Surely, human being is a most ungrateful, miserable wretch!”


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