When Islam Comes Calling [Quote – 535]

Apr 11, 2014

If Islam is democracy, as it is.

If Islam is all about justice and freedom for all, as it is.

If Islam is about Empowerment of the People, as it is.

If Islam is about helping the poor and the needy, as it is.

If Islam is about giving voice to the voiceless, as it is,

And if Islam is about rooting out corruption from society, as it is.

Then those of you who are not keenly, and with bated breath, following the Lok Sabha — Lower House — elections of 2014 in India unfolding right before your eyes, and doing everything in your power to help the process, you are out fishing when Islam came calling.

There is no greater Carnival or Mardi Gras on earth than nearly 800,000,000 (eight hundred million) people standing in line in brute sun and pouring rain to exercise the most fundamental right that God Almighty gave to all human beings — men as well as women:

The Right To Vote and The Right To Elect Their Own Leaders and Rulers!


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