When The House Of Islam Is On Fire

May 6, 2024

When The House Of Islam Is On Fire

Dr. Pasha

When the House of Islam is on fire, when the whole world is engulfed in flames, someone somewhere must at least talk about it.

And that is what we are trying to do: TALK ABOUT the blaze that is consuming the world today. 

Using Qur'an, Hadith and Science.

Join us; be with us; invite others to be part of what we are doing: let us at least keep talking

Because we do not seem to have the power and capability to put out these fires actively and in practice.

Read the following Hadith over and over and you will understand what I am saying:

Man Ra-aaw Minkum Munkaran, 

Fal-Yughayyirhu Bi-Yadihi.

Fa-In Lam Yastati', Fa-Bi-Lisaanihi.

That is what we are trying to do: FA-BI-LISAANIHI.

Using our tongue to change the Munkar we see around us. 

Realizing full well that it is not the responsibility of any one individual to do so, but the primary duty of each and every one of us.



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