When Typos Turn into Blessings and Rewards from God [Quote – 998]

Mar 18, 2020

Some time ago, we said typos are Haram. And of course they are. For, often they reflect a lackadaisical approach to work. And Islam is hostile to that.

Islam says, when you touch something, do a perfect job — as much as you can.

But good people, sincere people, work day and night, and leave no stone unturned as it were, they eat little and sleep even less, and worry and agonize about the quality and outcome of their work constantly, then Allah, God Almighty of course, throws open the gates of Paradise for them, right here in this world.

For such people, even their mistakes and errors are turned into virtues and rewards. So, when these amazing people do things right, the way they should, they chalk up double the reward.

But when they unavoidably make mistakes, after the most sincere and strenuous efforts, and after doing everything they could, then even their errors and mistakes count as blessings for them.

But, listen to this, only one reward per mistake.

And that includes typos.

This system of Islam is amazing or what?

There are situations when for a typo, you get one blessing and reward from God? How does that figure?

If you thought this system of Islam may not be a human invention after all, you may be right.


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